Greg Gutfeld Nailed it!

We always wondered why the mainstream media is always late with the breaking news on most stories especially if they involve crimes committed by a black person or a Democrat. Hence, why it took so long to finally admit that the Laptop from Hell was real and NOT Russia Disinformation! Or the story that Trump DID NOT collude with Russia to win the 2016 election. They still haven’t run a story on Hillary’s buying the Steel Dossier, Seth Rich’s execution, or the FBI involvement in J6. And what about Benghazi?

But other less important stories get delayed, spun, ignored, shunned, or sometimes even banned from mainstream media. Why is that? Gutfeld called it. Because if FOX News or Newsmax runs with a story, the mainstream media cannot agree with them as conservative news outlets are evil; so, they purposely bury the story like it never happened. This occurs over and over and now we finally know why. Like the story of a Biden regime trans member that recently stole a woman’s suitcase at the airport. Weird and should be agreed upon by both sides. Not if FOX runs it first. Quickly buried by the lamestream media. It also reflects poorly on Biden (and we can’t have that.)

Why does this happen so often? Firstly, jealousy, that they didn’t run with the story first; and secondly, that they cannot agree with a conservative-run story no matter how innocuous it may be. They hate FOX and now Newsmax with a passion and it shows. They also now hate Twitter because Elon has turned Republican. It’s all about which side of the political aisle one is on. FOX is known for being on the GOP side of the aisle so; therefore, they are evil, and the mainstream media cannot agree with any story run by them. Now Twitter, which is trying to be fair and balanced allowing views from both sides, is being attacked by mainstream media relentlessly even getting Janet Yellen to ask for an investigation into how it was purchased. Biden must have whispered in her ear. Not a good visual.

For example, the story of FTX should have both sides of the aisle up in arms but notice the mainstream is treating Bankman with kid gloves. Same with the Jeff Epstein story that both sides should agree on, as well as the Paul Pelosi “break in” story. Once FOX News gets their teeth well into a story like a pit bull into a hunk of meat, the mainstream turns a blind eye. They want nothing to do with us. We are evil in their eyes, and they don’t want the public to think that they agree with us for a millisecond.

This all makes sense now because over the years I’ve heard my Dem friends call FOX News Faux news and one called them evil. If this is how they are portrayed for years, one can only imagine why CNN and MSNBS et al can’t agree with us for a millisecond. It would legitimize FOX. And there’s no way they want to legitimize us just like they never legitimized Trump as president. These people are sick.

Fat-faced Vindman is now having a go at Elon comparing him to Trump. What a compliment to both of them. But Vindman is a darling of the left as he testified against Trump during the Ukraine phone call set up. The mainstream loves anyone that comes out against Trump or now Elon. These people are sick.

But at least, thanks to Gutfeld, we now know why the lamestream media can never, EVER, agree with any news run on FOX or Newsmax. It would legitimize them as being in the know or smart. Heaven forbid anyone thinks that about a conservative, GOP, or FOX news anchor, because we are evil in their eyes (or at least they want the public to think that.)

There should be an investigation into why all the SUV’s rented by Biden and his family in Nantucket went up in flames after the drop off at Hertz. I can see one maybe catching fire if a smoldering cigarette butt was left onboard by Hunter but all of them look like a bomb went off in the engine. I don’t think a car fire spreads to others that easily. If anything, it would be the gas tanks exploding not the engine. Something is fishy and FOX should be all over this story while the lamestream runs from it. IMO some anti-fossil fuel nuts followed them to Hertz.


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