Newsom Wants Reparations for Descendents of Slavery in Cali.

What in the world?! Does this moron have any idea the can of worms he’d be opening? Of course not, as he has no experience in running anything smoothly let alone a state. The cost to the government to determine who was a slave descendent would be cost prohibitive. There’s no blood test to determine that. And we can’t take their word for it. Half the black population doesn’t even know who their father was let alone descendants of slavery. In order to make these reparations fair, the government would have to research each and every applicant which would involve possibly years of time to complete one and many more bureaucrats hired to do the research. What a waste of our taxpayer $$$$s! Or to avoid being labeled racist, they’d approve each and every application and blindly dole out the money. Which seems more likely.

What is Newsom thinking? Does he want more African Americans to move to California to increase his votes? Is he just trying to buy the Black vote? It’s definitely not out of compassion. I love the way the government loves spending OUR money.

My children know little about their ancestry or the hardships they endured to become citizens. Nor do they care. Youth of today don’t care about their history like we do. But apparently Newsom thinks they are all obsessed on past wrongs that we have to right. In Palo Alto an Apple Store allowed a thin black theif to walk off with $35,000 worth of phones and all they said was, “Should we stop him?” Is Biden’s weakness rubbing off on society so that we have a generation of wimps and cowards? The store manager should have jumped the kid and put him under citizen’s arrest while calling the police. What? No cell service at an Apple Store?

Newsom is definitely running for president as he thinks like Biden does. If Biden had his way, he’d pass a federal bill to give reparations to every black person whether they were descendants of African American slaves or not. This is how he thinks. What about the Jews? We aren’t giving them any reparations for the hardships their ancestors endured at the hands of Hitler. Their ancestors were mass murdered not just slaves. When you start this ball rolling, no telling where it will end, if ever.

Newsom needs to take care of the current problems in his state, not wrongs of the past. SF put in a million dollar artistic public toilet for the homeless that is so technical that it has malfunctioned. This is what the Democrats do. They throw our money at a problem but don’t spend it on the root of the problem. Homeless is due to high rents, high costs of living, mental illness, drug additions, and government dole outs. All these things could be changed by Governor Newsom, but he ignores the root cause.

He should lower property taxes so rents will come down, ask the president to drill, baby, drill, build more dams in Cailfornia to prevent drought and more nuclear plants to lower energy costs, invest in putting electrical underground to prevent wildfires caused by high winds, thin the forests and allow logging to prevent wildfires, open more mental illness facilities to house the mentally ill and invest in free drug rehabilitation for the homeless, stop the doling out of needles and monthly checks to the homeless but rather put them in work programs, and ask the president to close the southern border and finish the wall.

All or any one of the above would do a lot to help California, the homeless, and Black descendants of slaves, but Newsom does none of it. And he wants to run for president. I…don’t…think…so. Love to see him debate Trump or DeSantis.


5 thoughts on “Newsom Wants Reparations for Descendents of Slavery in Cali.

  1. At the time of the civil war, there were 3,952,838 slaves according to the census. 360,222 Union soldiers died to free them. The families of those 360,222 soldiers were denied a huge expansion of their family trees which would have amounted to a tremendously greater number of progeny than the total number of slaves freed. Therefore, as I have said many times, the reparations should be paid to the families of the fallen soldiers. Feel free to echo this thought if you agree with it. I certainly feel strongly about it.

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    1. My mother lost her high school sweetheart/husband in WWII while she was carrying their first son (my half-brother). She never got any reparations for the extreme grief that it caused her and my brother. Zero. Not even a body to bury. MIA. She never spoke of it, ever; but I could tell it left her and my brother feeling cheated. Causalities of war are a much worse life-altering experience than slavery IMO too, but white Americans never complain about it. At least slaves had jobs, food, shelter, children, and were able live out their lives.


  2. The cold hard facts are this; Gavin and his band of thieves have never lost one minute of sleep worrying about blacks. He is using the taxpayer’s money to buy Democrat votes. They are rotten lying bastards. PERIOD.

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