Joe’s Words, “No one **cks with a Biden” May Come Back to Haunt Him.

Because Elon Musk does! Now we all know for sure that Biden interfered with the 2020 election by asking Twitter to “handle” the Laptop From Hell story i.e., bury the story. Full stop. And 50 Intelligence Agents unintelligently and illegally backed him up. Biden lied on national tv during a debate with Trump regarding the laptop from hell and in several interviews on tape. He told America it was Russia Disinformation and he never talked to Hunter about his business deals. Liar, Liar pants on fire, exposed by Elon.

Will they hold Biden responsible? That remains to be seen, but I doubt it. Ironically, the truth about Twitter’s revelations is buried in the mainstream media, once again; because FOX and Newsmax are all over this story. And according to Greg Gutfeld, they can’t run with a story that FOX ran with as that legitimizes FOX as a news outlet. Better to mock or kill the messenger like they usually do.

Biden used his position as a former VP to muscle Twitter together with the FBI to muzzle stories about his son’s influence selling of the Big Guy’s last name and Joe got a percentage. No wonder the left is soooo afraid of Elon Musk. In fact, Elon better be careful, or they’ll do to him like they’ve done to Trump–investigate him six ways to Sunday. And the FBI muscled Facebook to do the same under the direction of Biden, no doubt.

So, Hillary interfered with the 2016 election by instigating a false story about Trump and asking the FBI to back her up, and we now know that Biden asked Twitter, Facebook, and the FBI to muzzle a campaign-crushing story about he and his son Hunter. And most of the media bought it? I never bought it, and I’ve never studied journalism. How is it that we have journalists that are incompetent in the mainstream media? Or do they just have to kowtow to whatever their liberal biased bosses tell them to write? Rhetorical question.

The media is swaying all elections either by reporting false stories on their opponents or by burying the truth on their chosen ones. Muzzling, muscling, and mocking is the name of their game. This is how Fetterman won. False stories on Dr. Oz and buried stories on Lumpy. Nothing’s going to change in the immediate future until we start suing these slanderers like Nunes is suing Rachel Maddow for conjuring up a complete lie about him receiving packages from Russia and not turning them over to the FBI. I hope he sues her jockstrap off.

Remember whatever they accuse the right of doing, the left has done or are already doing. Russia collusion? Hillary did it. Election interference? Hillary and Biden did it. Voter suppression? Twitter and Facebook did it. Weaponizing the DOJ and FBI? Biden and Hillary did it. And when caught red-handed, do they apologize? Never, ever. Blame FOX News, Russia, or Trump will be their go to.

No one used to **ck with a Biden, but those days are over. Elon Musk, Trump, and Jim Jordan will not let go of this story and shouldn’t. We will run this out until the 2024 election; and hopefully, all the Bidens will be **cked.


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