FBI Stopped Divine Intervention.

Divine Intervention: A miracle or act of God that causes something good to happen or stops something bad from happening.

To be more specific: When Hunter failed to remember that he left a very incriminating laptop at the computer repair shop, this was Divine Intervention from God because God knew what the Democrats were up to prior to the 2020 election, and they needed to be stopped! So, what better way to stop them than exposing their candidate to all the corruption he was involved in with Hunter and, thus, saving America.

So, after the repairman realized that the computer was abandoned and became his property, he decided to call in the FBI which is what any civil-minded person would do. “If you see something, say something” has been the mantra of our government for years. And boy, oh boy, did he SEE SOMETHING! He got an eye full. But what did the FBI do? They sat on this information for eleven months hoping the repairman wouldn’t say a word to the media. Well…I guess when the repairman realized it was getting close to the election, he had to step in as the FBI wasn’t doing a damn thing. So, he notified the New York Post which in turn (like any Woodward and Bernstein reporter from the past would do) printed a frontpage story on Hunter and his influence selling along with his connection to Joe, the Big Guy, who was currently running for PRESIDENT!

This laptop had all the material of a political crime novel not Russia hacking, and much worse that Watergate (like the Democrats love to spew), but the FBI not only denied its validity but warned big tech social media that the information would be forthcoming and to bury it prior to the election. And, boy, they buried it faster than a dog with a bone.

This coverup by the FBI has been reported over and over, but the mainstream continues to ignore it. But when the FBI interferes with God’s Divine Intervention to expose the laptop, that’s a first. The fact that Hunter forgot he left it there was divine intervention. together with the savvy shop owner to call in the FBI. God can lead us to water, but He can’t make us drink; and the FBI failed our country when they sat on it for eleven months. If Hunter’s the smartest man Biden knows (which isn’t saying much), he did a really dumb thing by forgetting about that laptop. But since he was so rich from all his kickbacks, he probably just bought a new one to replace the broken one. Makes sense. He figured the repairman was stupid and wouldn’t be able to link his last name to former VP Biden of Delaware where the laptop was abandoned.

If the FBI hadn’t interfered with fate, we’d have a second term of Trump as president and, therefore, energy independence, higher balance in our 401Ks, no inflation, no supply chain problems, lower deficit, five million less illegal aliens in our country, no Fentanyl crisis, lower energy costs to heat our homes and fuel our cars, no men in women’s sports nor transgenders in our bathrooms, no vaccination or mask mandates, no such thing as smash and grab crimes or talk of pronoun usage, a strong economy with low interest rates, a strong military with no transgender surgeries or international wars, the Keystone Pipeline flowing with fuel, many businesses remaining open that have been forced to close, and no LBGTQ education or gender confusion in grade schools nor teachings of racial theories. I call this the good ol’ days. Thanks a lot FBI!

As I see my mortgage going up, my food costs rising, my heating bill going through the roof, stores getting routinely robbed and going out of business, my grandsons getting indoctrinated, and my retirement plan dwindling, I can only thank the FBI for dropping the ball that would have saved America from this compromised, corrupt president that cares more about China, Ukraine, and sex trafficking than he does the people of our country. Trump had more legal votes than Biden did. Full stop!

But now that we know the FBI can interfere with Divine Intervention, they can also interfere with our elections as they also did on J6. Those electoral votes obtained by election fraud were being challenged but were stifled after the invasion of the Capitol. The FBI and Nancy caused this. The power they hold against conservatism is deafening, and pales in comparison to the power of the House which we finally got back.


On a side note: Yesterday Biden gave congressional honor awards to the Capitol Police! Really? The ones who botched securing the Capitol Building, the ones who opened the gates and escorted visitors inside, the ones who sprayed teargas on unarmed innocent protesters to rile them up, and the ones who shot an unarmed woman in the neck causing her death? Those ones? So, you see, the FBI is doubling down on their behavior on J6 to make it seem like a real insurrection or coup took place. It did not. It was a crowd showing their disapproval of the way the election was stolen. That was all it was but turned violent when planted instigators started attacking them like Antifa, FBI, and the Capitol Police. All of them in on it!


3 thoughts on “FBI Stopped Divine Intervention.

  1. Sorry, I forgot there are some rather choice words in this video. Hope you aren’t too offended. I keep this video on my favorites list because it’s old and more relevant than ever. George Carlin was a prophet of sorts, I always admired his clear view of reality. Again, hope I didn’t offend you, I respect your hard work at exposing the crooks and liars.


  2. Ha ha. I saw him in concert once on a first date back in the 70s and I fell asleep as I was tired. My date thought I was offended by his language, I found out years later. Carlin tells the truth. I was enjoying it.


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