Democrat Bench of Potential Presidential Candidates is Pitiful.

More like the bar scene from Star Wars. Has anyone seen the potential candidates that may or may not go up against Biden in 2024? It is pitiful. The Dems have no up and coming stars on the horizon. Just the same ol’ retreads like Kamala, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Newsom; all of which have no record to run on. Maybe they’ll recruit the new darling of the left, Sam Bankman, before he gets indicted. He has all the qualifications they look for. He cheats, lies, dupes, and sways the liberals into making him a billionaire. And the icing on the cake is, he cares about climate change.

Biden has the worst record in American history to run on, yet he keeps taking a victory lap for handling problems that he caused. Amazing. It’s akin to a child plugging the toilet with too much paper, flooding the bathroom, then mopping it up before his mother finds out, then saying, “Look what I did, Mom. I cleaned the bathroom floor.” Biden is a child. He recently said, “There are more important things than the border to work on.” Really? This is just code for him not working on the border at all. They want all these illegals entering the country and breaking our laws so they can blame Trump for handing them a broken immigration system. Stupid idiots will believe whatever they say.

But seriously can anyone actually believe Kamala could run our country. She can’t give a speech without repeating the same phases over and over again like a broken record. There’s something wrong in her brain. Then there’s Pocahontas who is funded by billionaires yet hates billionaires and got to where she is by lying about her race. Thanks, but no thanks, lady. Then Buttigieg, the breast-feeding stay at home mom that hasn’t done a day’s work since becoming Transportation Secretary. What’s his accomplishment Supply Chain problems or Railroad Strikes? Klobuchar has never met a man that she doesn’t like. Probably hates her husband. She’s the perpetual feminist that hasn’t done one thing for our country aside from tearing poor Kavanaugh apart on national tv.

And then there’s Newsom, central casting for Dracula. All he needs is some fangs, turned up collar, and a cape, and he’d be the next Vincent Price or Boris Karloff. But instead of sucking blood, he’s sucking money out of every taxpayer in California. But the loons in California still willfully and blindly vote for him because he has a “D” next to his name. They get what they deserve. Newsom has already been measuring the drapes at the White House while dripping saliva in anticipation of Biden falling ill and bowing out.

But that’s all the Dems got unless they try to pawn off Michelle my belle on us who’d be the puppet for Barrack himself. From puppet Biden to puppet Michelle. And trust me, the left will vote for her because the media has covered up her past with an impenetrable blanket from day one. She is more radical that Barrack and Becoming she is not. She’s Unbecoming and would be more of a nightmare than Biden. Transgenders and racism would be at the top of her agenda. She hates White heterosexuals in America.


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