The Swamp is Much Deeper Than We Ever Imagined.

And filled with deadly creatures. Elon Musk is pulling back the curtain and exposing what really went down prior to the 2020 election, and it must have Trump’s blood boiling. We all suspected that Zuckerbucks was behind ballot harvesting and stuffing drop boxes (purchased by himself for millions) with God knows what. We also heard about the Federal Post Office employees doing strange things with many of our mail in ballots like shipping them over state lines or carrying them over the border to Canada or just dropping a pile of them into a creek. Those are the ones that got caught.

But now Musk has proved that Twitter executives met routinely with the FBI, DHS, and National Intelligence to decide which account holders should be shadowbanned. Former Twitter executives have new euphemistic names for shadowbanning now that they’ve been exposed, but in short it means: if you have one million followers to your name, only a few followers will see your tweet and you’ll never know it. That way the news will get suppressed from the general public. And if they were really threatened by your tweets exposing the Democrats, they cancelled your account.

It turns out that Google is doing the same. Try to google a Democrat politician that has been publicly scorned, and you’ll find that that information has been conveniently scrubbed from Wikipedia. The swamp is so deep, I’m not sure if any one person can drain it. Trump tried and look what they did to him. They sicced the FBI on him six ways to Sunday and still are. They won’t be happy until he’s behind bars.

So, what in the big picture does this all mean? Will the election of 2020 be investigated and all those involved in this illegal suppression of free speech be arrested? Of course, not. The left protects their own; and since they still are in power, the most Musk and the House can do is just report what happened, but it will fall on deaf ears as the mainstream media was in on it too and are ironically suppressing the news of the news being suppressed during 2020 election. Those that control the airwaves, the internet, or the free press, control the news.

So, you see, we are up sh*t creek without a paddle for the time being. We can shout from the rooftops like in the movie Network, but that won’t be enough to make the gullibles wake up. They are being lied to daily and, unfortunately, since they get their news from the likes of Facebook, TikTok, NYT, and Google, we are outnumbered. I’m quite sure if someone bought Facebook, we’d find the same illegal interference by government agents past and present with the 2020 election as well. In fact, Zuckerbucks even admitted that the FBI met with them. That’s all on tape.

Put all this new information together with the unleashing of a deadly gain-of-function bioweapon virus from a Chinese lab (that the Obama Administration together with Fauci invested in) at the beginning of the 2020 election year where Trump was succeeding in everything, and we got ourselves the biggest conspiracy to steal an election in world history. And they got away with it! It makes me sick.

How could America have let this happen? I grew up thinking that political corruption was a thing of the past after we caught the Watergate break-in culprits. But that was child’s play compared to now. If anything, Big Tech has ruined our election system, and right now we have no way to curtail or surveil them. The government is curtailing and surveilling us by our cell phones, no doubt, but who is surveilling them? The swamp is much deeper than we ever imagined.


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