Odd Symbolism in “Rosemary’s Baby” with What’s Happening Today.

In 1968 a horror movie, directed and produced by Roman Polanski entitled Rosemary’s Baby, hit the box office but is strangely symbolic to what is going on in America today if one replaces the characters and items in the movie with characters and items in today’s political realm.

Here’s a list of characters and items and what they represent today:

Rosemary Woodhouse represents America and everything good about America.

Guy Woodhouse represents Joe Biden who trades his soul (country) for success as an actor.

Minnie and Roman Castevet represent the silent leaders of the Democrat Party like Bill and Hillary or Barack and Michelle.

Actor Donald Bomgard represents Donald Trump who got his part (election) stolen in a play by Guy (Joe).

Herbal Pregnancy Drink made by the Castevets represents the Kool-Aid the left makes Americans drink.

Tannis Root Necklace represents the smelly woke ideology being forced upon us and forced on Rosemary to wear around her neck.

Dr. C. C. Hill represents Mainstream Media that supports anything the Democrats do.

Hutch represents an investigative reporter at FOX News like Hannity or Tucker.

Book entitled All of Them Witches represents New York Post or Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Dr. Abraham Sapirstein represents billionaires George Soros and Big Tech corrupting America.

Baby Adrian represents the birth of communism in America that Rosemary gives birth to.

All the friends of the Castevets represent the Democrat Party.

Of course, if you google the meaning of this movie it was supposed to represent the suppression of women by men. Blau blau blau, been there, seen that movie. But I think it has a much deeper meaning and even a foreboding of things to come. Polanski was way ahead of his time.

It begins as newlyweds Rosemary and Guy move into an old building in New York City that has a history of strange events such a sacrifices and suicides. Rosemary wants to have a baby and Guy is a struggling actor. In enter the Castevets living across the hallway from them. They secretly promise Guy success in acting in exchange for his firstborn son, unbeknownst to Rosemary. Selfish Guy agrees and assists in the devil himself impregnating his wife!

Guy, representing Joe, sells out his country (Rosemary) for his own selfish endeavors. He ends up landing a part from an actor that had it (Trump) who the Castevets put a spell on and made him blind. The Castevets wanting more power, just like the Clintons and Obamas do, offer up this plan to Guy (Joe) in exchange for turning America into a communist country.

Rosemary’s friend Hutch sees through Mr. Castevets and does his own investigative reporting like FOX News. But like all enemies of the Clintons, they put a spell on him, and he ends up dead. But at his funeral Rosemary is given a copy of a book that exposes who the Castevets really are. But in comes Guy (Joe) who quickly deposes of the book like they did to the New York Post article, or any story FOX runs with.

Rosemary, feeling like she’s getting duped by her husband and the Castevets, escapes to Dr. Sapirstein’s office only to discover that he is in on the scheme. So, she turns to her old doctor Hill (mainstream media) and he buries her story of demons out to steal her baby and calls Guy to come pick her up. Everyone she turns to, ends up being against her.

In the end, she has the baby, but the culprits tell her it was stillborn sort of like the stolen election. But she hears a baby crying next door and discovers baby Adrian, the devil’s child. Her motherly instinct soon takes over and she agrees to care for the baby.

America (Rosemary) nurtures in communism (the devil’s child). In other words, America gives in to Communism because she is outnumbered by crazy leftists all around her. And we feel like this every time we turn on the news. Easier to join them, than fight them seemed to be the moral of the story. Similarly, Guy does to his wife, what Joe is doing to our country, selling us out. Let’s not give in like Rosemary did.


4 thoughts on “Odd Symbolism in “Rosemary’s Baby” with What’s Happening Today.

  1. Didn’t see the movie, still don’t want to, so putting all of your points together didn’t work to well for me, but in the end, I completely understood your point. Well done.


    1. Did you see Three Days of the Condor with Robert Redford? That’s another one that has shades of what’s happening today. Unfortunately, some movies I like have big libs starring in them like Tom Hanks or Barbra Streisand and I have to put aside their politics in order to enjoy the movie.


  2. By the way, my Christian belief steers me away from stuff like “Rosemary’s Baby”. We once bought a Ouija Board, we got rid of that thing pretty fast. All of that stuff freaks me out. Personally, I prefer to not indulge. The power of Satan is real in my opinion.


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