Democrats in Power and Activists are Destroying America.

I can barely turn on or read the news these days as I am seeing one sickening story after another repeatably, and it depresses me because most of the stories are preventable if we had different leadership in this country. We have to come to the only conclusion and that is that the Democrats in power and their minions on social media HATE AMERICA! They want to turn us into a third world country without a U.S. Constitution, law and order, free speech, U.S. traditions, fair elections, and right to bear arms.

They are more concerned with crossdressers’ sex transitions, child genital mutilation, suppression of all news outlets, abortions, same sex marriage equality, interracial marriages, releasing criminals, murderers, and thieves from jail, teaching racial discord in schools, hating Christain religion, banning conservative speech, pedophilia, shadow-banning, reparations for Blacks, disrespecting our police, threatening our supreme court justices, white extremists, ignoring our border crisis and deaths from fentanyl, investigating former President Trump, EV cars, ending fossil fuel, drag queens reading to our children, weakening our military, vilifying anyone that questions the 2020 election, retaliating against rally goers on J6, dismissing midterm voter interference from big tech and donations from Sam Bankman, and hiring misfits into important government positions.

We’ve all seen in the news people dropping dead mysteriously that had recently taken the booster shot for covid. These shots do little to prevent the spread of covid but are more dangerous with side effects most seriously being death. Now the likes of lying Fauci and Biden want to produce more vaccines for children and even babies! Do not give these shots to babies or pregnant women. I’m beginning to think that this government is using vaccines as a means of population control and replacing the white race with illegals. And mask mandates are beginning to surface again in liberal towns. I saw a woman driving alone in her car with a pink cloth mask on her face. It made me sick to see we have such morons living in this country, and they are allowed to vote!

A 77-year-old white grandmother in Atlanta got stabbed to death in her garage by a black hooligan intruder and the mainstream media will not cover that story. Suppression of the news as it doesn’t fit their narrative that white extremists are the biggest threat to America. Biden hired a bunch of misfits to surround him in his cabinet and head up many departments such as breastfeeding Buttigieg, the crossdressing luggage thief, the Brillo-haired press secretary, the cackling VP, the transgender health secretary, the weaponized AG, and many others. Basically, I see Biden as the King of Kinky. He bases his hiring on checking boxes like lesbian, gay, transgender, black, or feminist. No one else need apply. Now there was a band in the sixties called The Kinks, but Biden has a Cabinet of Kinkys meaning: “given to or involving abnormal sexual or deviant behavior.” That’s Biden, his offspring, and cabinet in a nutshell. And since he is supposedly the leader of the free world (which is sorely becoming not so free), he rubs off on those that look up to him.

The swooning from the mainstream media lately and Hollywood is almost beginning to look like satire. I keep thinking they’re going to say “Gotcha or Just kidding”, but they don’t. He has Hunter following him around at social events, Lady Gaga singing for him, has-been lesbians praising him in speeches, and little girls holding his creepy hand. I’m watching less and less coverage of this creep because the more I know about him, the more I can’t stand the sight of him or his phony wife. They are definitely trying to NORMALIZE deviant behavior across the nation. Soon, under this president, nothing will be illegal. NOTHING.

When Bill Clinton was president and got caught with his pants down in the oval office, he almost condoned oral sex as not being sex and that spilled down into middle school children experimenting because “the president says it’s not sex.” That led to promiscuous behavior in schools across the nation, IMO. And now look what Biden has done to our school children. He has the teachers allowing the kids to question whether they were born in the right gender. It makes me sick.

All in all, we are living in a Depraved New World and deviant times under Biden’s dictatorship and other governors and mayors that are Democrat. And Secretary Mayorkas is just a lying drone for Biden. We all know what he is doing to our country is purposeful. When he says it is under control, that is laughable.

I pray that in 2023 there will be major changes. If not, I don’t think our country will last much longer and a civil war or world war will be inevitable. Forget climate change, WAR will be the final nail in America’s coffin which depraved Biden will welcome with open arms.


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