Trump’s Candidacy is being Dismissed by Media and GOP.

We’ve all noticed that Trump is being ignored by the GOP, media, even FOX News of late. They are trying to distance themselves from Trump as they know that the 1-6 committee and the DA of New York City has tarnished his reputation/campaign for 2024 and don’t want to lose or have the election stolen again.

Polls are showing that he will lose if he comes up against Biden which is almost preposterous to even comprehend after the job Biden has done, but most people don’t even know how many illegals have crossed our border since Biden became president. Answer: About five million accounted for and many got aways. When asking a person on the street, they say about 100,000. Malarky.

So even if Trump wins the primaries, he’ll have an uphill battle running when there are so many “low information voters” as Rush Limbaugh used to call them. I miss Rush Limbaugh, the voice of reason. On top of that, even the informed say they are tired of Trump’s baggage that he has to carry with him due to the lying press for six years and counting. And I’m sure Trump’s campaign money is dwindling as most donations come from seniors that have lost one third of their retirement plan and have no expendable money to donate to campaigns that never turn out.

Seniors are struggling with their cost to heat their homes and fill their cars with gasoline. They are also struggling to buy food and drugs that have also risen due to high costs of energy. Energy affects everything, and Biden doesn’t care. I’m sure if Trump, by the grace of God, became president again; he could turn us around in short order like he did in 2016 despite all the incoming fake accusations constantly circling around him. He’d be awesome to have again. But we want to win this time, not have it stolen again.

I doubt if the culprits that committed the last theft of a presidency have it in them to wash, spin, and repeat. But if Governor DeSantis or Senator Cotton is the chosen one by the Establishment GOP, maybe, just maybe, they’ll defend him much more than they tried with Trump. They never appreciated an outsider with no political or government experience showing them up. I hear that AG Barr, the FBI, and even the SCOTUS was out to remove Trump. They didn’t want the status quo or the deep state to be upset any more than Trump had already shaken it up. They were also tired of Trump proving that a businessman has more smarts than a career politician. But I think they have realized when they go to bed at night that they may have made a grave error in allowing Biden to steal an election. Very grave.

And when I look at the pitiful members of the 1-6 commission, I wonder how do they sleep at night? Doesn’t look like they do. They have broken just about every Golden Rule or constitutional law on the books to bring Trump down. How DO they sleep? Not very well.

If ever there was a saying that rings true today and for Trump it is: NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. And that is exactly how he must feel after all the accomplishments he was able to achieve under difficult circumstances coupled with a virus that came from China unleashed on the world to upset his candidacy. He deserves a second term, but it doesn’t look like the powers at be will allow it. So, instead they have the media dismissing his candidacy early on.


One thought on “Trump’s Candidacy is being Dismissed by Media and GOP.

  1. They are desperately trying to kill him with words and deeds. The old GOP establishment in DC is alive and well and still willing to defend its ungodly mantra and virtually bury anyone who challenges their hold on power. Mitch McConnell is a lying, conniving old bastard.

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