Best Wishes for 2023.

I don’t expect a lot to change in the coming year, but there’s always a chance for miracles, right?

Here’s my best wishes for 2023, in no particular order.

  1. A closed southern border.
  2. Illegals being caught and returned to their country of origin.
  3. End to the fentanyl crisis.
  4. End to shameless spending bills passed by congress.
  5. End to the war in Ukraine and our funding of it.
  6. End to TikTok.
  7. End to suppression of conservative news and shadow banning.
  8. End to teaching of critical race theories and gender confusion in schools.
  9. End to the war on fossil fuel.
  10. End to the Green New Deal.
  11. End to the talk of what pronoun someone uses.
  12. End to the push for transgenders in everything.
  13. Completion of the wall on our southern border.
  14. The press secretary being replaced by anyone else.
  15. Illegitimate President Biden stepping down due to mounting scandals surrounding his family.
  16. End to former President Trump being targeted by a never-ending witch hunt.
  17. Kamala stepping down due to dereliction of duty.
  18. End to child gender transitions
  19. End to the never-ending talk of an insurrection of J6 and release of all attendees held captive without due process.
  20. Success to Elon Musk in his takeover of Twitter.
  21. Mark Zuckerbucks selling Facebook to someone who will treat members of both political parties equally.
  22. Creation of a federalized voting system which requires current ID, citizenship, residency, in-person voting, signature verification, paper ballots, operational counting machines, and voting on one day. (Like we used to do).
  23. Admission by the U.S. of where the Covid 19 virus came from and an end to masks and vaccine mandates.
  24. Admission by the U.S. that our 2020 presidential election was rigged, tampered, coordinated, and all out stolen.
  25. Democrats that received campaign money from Bankman-Fried return them to investors that were duped.
  26. Restarting oil drilling, fracking, pipelines, coal mining, and all fossil fuel industries back to the level of 2019.
  27. Firing of all DA and Prosecutors financed by George Soros and end to no bail and catch and release of criminals.
  28. End to putting a price tag on how much one can steal from a store without being punished.
  29. End to tent cities, vagrancy, street urination and defecation, and city funded drug usage stations.
  30. End to government stimulus checks, unemployment checks, and government incentivizing scams.

I’m dreaming, right? I know this is a lot to wish for, but I’d take ten of these items over what we are dealing with right now in this country. Something has to change and quick, or we are doomed to repeat what we are already experiencing; and it can only get worse if nothing changes. How can anyone, Democrat or Republican, disagree with any of the above?

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes (Above) for 2023!


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