We Need “A Few Good Men” to End the Border Crisis.

A sexist would say. We need to send our United Sates Army to the border with tanks and the border crisis will be over in one day! The word will get back to their country of origin that the U.S. Army is patrolling the border, and they’ll stop coming! It’s a no brainer! Then have the Army finish building the wall with all the materials that are just lying there going to waste. This is an invasion by a foreign country at our border and a president that doesn’t stop it is committing dereliction of duty of his oath of office.

So, while Biden is cluelessly vacationing in a warm Carribean resort, the East coast suffering in a snow blizzard, Kamala’s residence getting illegals dropped off, and our southern border invaded, he doesn’t give a hoot. It’s what Biden and his handlers want. They are purposefully trying to ruin America from within. A war within.

Unfortunately, our Army is run by some woke quack who also doesn’t give a hoot. Is it possible for The House of Representatives to submit a declaration of war at our border, get the Senate to sign off, and send in our troops without Biden’s approval? He’s obviously unfit for this job as well as Mayorkas; and Kamala is out to lunch. So, Congress needs to step in. If not, we need to invoke the 25th Amendment on Biden as he has failed big time in so many aspects at being a fake president.

I used to call Obama a financial terrorist as he brought our economy to its knees, and we lost over 100K in retirement funds not to mention ruined the sale of our 30-year business as the buyers dropped out; but Biden is not only a financial terrorist but an anti-American terrorist. He hates America as it was under President Trump. He hates to make America great again.

So, while our U.S. Army is sitting around in group therapy getting indoctrinated on which pronoun to use or whether they can get a sex change or critical race theories, let’s put them to good use and send them to our southern border and show us what a few good men can do! Not a sexist would say, but a realist. Men are stronger than women and most women wouldn’t want to patrol our border chasing down South Americans, Haitians, or drug cartels. Just saying.

P.S. Stanford University, where airhead Chelsea Clinton attended, is not going to get me to change my vocabulary. Sorry. In fact, they have put a stain on themselves, and their attendance will drop. I wouldn’t pay one dollar for a degree from that woke college and no one else should either.


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