Blizzard of the Century While Biden Basks in the Sun on an Undeserved Vacation.

Who does he think he is? He has done more damage to a country in two years than any terrorist attack ever tried to do and yet he has the nerve to fly on Air Force One with his corrupt family members while people are dying without power, heat, water, medical equipment, or food in the state of New York trapped by a blizzard of the century.

Why this hit New York so viciously is beyond our comprehension, but they voted for an idiot governor and mayor of NYC who will undoubtedly do nothing to help the people other than blame climate change or Trump. If the residents would look in the mirror, maybe, just maybe, they’d realize they made a grave error in voting in the climate change czar congressperson AOC and their biased governor and mayor.

But the gall of Biden skipping out of the country during this blizzard, which has also caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled leaving passengers stranded at airports, just shows how he feels about Americans. He thinks the rest of us are peons and should fend for ourselves during any crisis. If Bush or Trump had done something even close to this, the media would be screaming impeachment. The optics of Biden leaving is beyond. Not only is he tone deaf, but he is tone blind and tone mute.

His dumb wife should know better, but she’s just as bad as him. She wants her perks of the job just like Michelle Obama used to take long vacations in Hawaii every Christmas at the cost of millions to the taxpayers. Conversely, Trump never took one vacation in four years unless they considered his second home in Florida. He never went anywhere else. He also never took a salary in four years and left office poorer than went he entered office. That’s a first.

The “compassionate” president, as the media has labeled Biden, is not so compassionate after all. We all knew this, but now maybe the stupid people in this country will wake up and smell the coffee. This guy could care less about the rest of us. He thinks he’s a king and dictates like one. He is so full of himself, his buttons are about to burst. And the contrast of a deadly blizzard next to the white sandy beach where Biden is hanging out is blinding. Although just the visual of him ogling little girls on the beach would sting your eyes.


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