AT&T DIRECTV Cancels Newsmax!

This isn’t funny. I’m a big fan of Newsmax and am glad I don’t have DIRECTV; but if I did, not sure what I could do about this. This is suppression of conservative news and Trump rallies not to mention election interference. FOX doesn’t run Trump rallies any longer so all we have is Newsmax.

DIRECTV says it has no intention of restoring Newsmax. Well…if that isn’t the Biden administration controlling them, I don’t know what is. This is getting serious when we can’t watch what we want on tv. This is like Communist China. What’s next? I’m afraid to ask.

I called DIRECTV to complain and got a recorded message. Apparently not interested unless you have an account with them. But whether we do or not, this is serious business. Biden is asking them to cancel Newsmax which is election interference very similar to the FBI asking Facebook and Twitter to ban Trump, Laptop story, and other negative Democrat stories. FOX kowtowed to Biden and stopped running Trump rallies, so all we have left is Newsmax. This is the kind of stuff we used to read about in Big Brother type of novels, but what we are now experiencing. Big Brother is watching everything we do; and if they don’t like it, we’re cancelled.

The left controlled the Pelosi police videocam before it came out to the public. No telling what was edited out. But we did see Paul with his suspicious relationship smiling with cocktail in hand. This was all staged to affect the midterms as Nancy needed a sympathetic story; but let’s face it, whether or not Pelosi knew the guy doesn’t matter as all leftwingers get released from jail. In fact, Biden will pardon him at some point in time. They took the chance that the stupid media would believe it was a real break in and most did. I do not. If Paul didn’t awake from that banging on a window in his house, then he needs his hearing examined. Also, the footage didn’t show Paul’s head so for all we know it was a minor bump on the head as well. And notice the hospital never held a press conference out in front to address Paul’s condition. Why? Because they didn’t want to lose their medical licenses.

The far-left liberal activist was known to Paul in the past and they most likely paid him to break in. Thus, why they had the alarm system off. Anti-vaxxers are on both sides of the political aisle. Also, Pelosi was drinking when the police arrived. No video of the injury to Paul’s head. No video of the hammer even connecting to him just him lying on the floor of his house. When the police got there and the intruder opened the door, Paul cues the intruder to “do it now,” otherwise he would have run out the front door yelling “help me!” And there’s no proof the intruder came in yelling “where’s Nancy” just hearsay from lying Paul. It is so obvious to me that this break in was all staged like 1-6.

Paul is an inside trader, a drunk driver, and now a fake victim of violence. Great husband you have, Nancy. But he only did what you asked him to do. The media is soft pedaling this story to the point of nausea. I guess they fear Biden cancelling their network too. I’m probably going out on a limb with my theory, but I’ve been right a few times before. If past is prologue, Nancy planned it for sympathy and to equate it to 1-6 proud boy violence before the midterms which she and the pundits did. Ridiculous, as the only similarity to 1-6 was the fact that it was staged.

Whether it is DIRECTV controlling our news content or the mainstream media sugarcoating a negative story, this isn’t funny. This is serious and needs to stop. Karma really is a “you know” as Nancy got voted out from Speaker after all. All that fake news for nothing.


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