FOX Remains Silent on DirecTV’s Censorship of Newsmax!

Although this censorship news is huge and goes against our constitution and a special Senate meeting was held and Trump came out against DirecTV’s decision, we hear crickets from FOX News. Have they not heard the old poem First They Came? By FOX’s blatant silence, I fear they will be next for not speaking out against censorship.

I always thought FOX News covered all the news whether it was negative for conservatives or not. But now we know they don’t cover news about a network that is catching up to them and hiring their former employees. They won’t give Newsmax any airtime as they are fearful of them. They also may be silently relishing in DirecTV’s decision as it increases their viewership. Appalling.

CSPAN held the senate hearing with 17 senators passionately speaking out in protest against DirecTV’s decision to cancel Newsmax. But FOX didn’t even cover that story. FOX is basically doing to Newsmax, what CNN did with the Hunter laptop story, burying it. Neither Gutfeld nor Jesse nor Hannity have done a monologue on this story. Shameful! Someone got to them. I feel Biden is behind all of this. He wants no Trump coverage at all!

Jon Voight just ran a compassionate plea on Newsmax for Free Speech and how our country is getting ruined by Biden who is a liar, a cheat, a deceit. Biden administration is a continuation of Obama’s lies. We the People must stand together! The left are taking our truth down! Let us speak up now and take our freedom back! Thank you, Jon Voight.

I blame the new owners of FOX and their liberal wives. They control the content thus why they keep Geraldo Rivera employed. Let’s face it, Juan Williams, Geraldo, and that scratchy-voiced female need to go. They are never on the right side of history. They purposely choose the opposing side, even though it goes against their true feelings. They are Democrats first and common sense last. And now Geraldo is telling us he won’t vote for Trump. Shocker! Like he did last time? Please. Geraldo is a friend you never want to have just like Oprah. They stab you in the back once you get political.

If conservatives don’t stand up for us, who will? I’d be cancelling DirecTV if I had them. So instead, I sold my AT&T stock out of principle which doesn’t hurt them at all. But I can’t invest in a company that is practicing in suppression of free speech against conservatives. It’s best for corporations to not get political like some actors and athletes do. They lose a lot of fans and that translates to money, honey. No telling how much money DirecTV has lost already. They shot themselves in the foot with that naive decision. This, however, proves to these woke idiots the power that we have in numbers. They also must have believed that Biden got 81 million votes. Laughable! Who runs these companies a bunch of brainwashed idiots?

So, FOX better get onboard with this huge story soon or their viewership will start diminishing too. We the People oppose censorship! FOX News better stop kowtowing to Biden as well as there are stories out there that only Dan Bongino is covering that are shocking against Biden. Shocking, if you listen to his radio show.


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