Making Marijuana Illegal Again.

If you had the power to change one law, what would it be and why?

I have noticed the downturn of America since many states have legalized marijuana (pot) and opened up stores selling it freely. We have more homeless, crime, and civil unrest since they legalized it. We have lazy youth that don’t want to work for a living but would rather live off the government or their parents. We have adults behaving in immature ways and allowing their children to smoke marijuana. We have celebrities in reality shows eating marijuana treats which sets a bad example for our youth.

One worst case scenario is a loving couple who actually purchase pot for their unemployed thirty-six-year-old son who lives in a condo they bought for him while he sits around all day playing video games. He refuses to look for a job while his retired parents are supporting him, and they must smoke the dope too. He dropped out of college and has never held down a job. It is pitiful. And the icing on the cake is that he calls his parents delusional and out of touch, i.e. he’s ungrateful but truthful.

But he is just a symbol of how our youth feel about America. They have no respect for the American flag, our statues, our constitution, traditional family, our history books, our laws, the police, our gender, or the government that they live off of. They hate Capitalism as that means people are making a living. They love Socialism.

The town where I raised my children around fifteen years ago is becoming unrecognizable due to homeless tent encampments and 150 trailers parked along a wetlands reserve containing homeless folks probably smoking pot and littering a once beautiful bird migration area. The city enables homelessness by bringing them port-a-potties and dumpsters. What’s next running water for showers and daily meal deliveries?

Half our elected leaders must be smoking this stuff as they have no idea how the economy works or foreign diplomacy. Look at our southern border; look at our skies. We have millions of illegals, and now UFO’s, crossing over our borders carrying Fentanyl which will be sold to our high school children. This drug problem is out of control and started with legalizing marijuana. We gave them an inch and…well… What ever happened to “Say ‘No’ to Drugs”?

I don’t think we know the long-term effects of smoking pot on our health. Does it cause lung cancer like cigarettes? Does it cause brain cancer? It is smoke after all. I don’t think the FDA has done any studies on weed as far as long-term effects on our health. If they had, I’d like to see it. I doubt that it would be healthy for anyone. If you are inhaling a foreign substance into your brain and organs daily, how can it not affect your health deleteriously? Sure, it is a plant but not all plant life is eatable either. And what chemicals are dealers adding to the pot? Is that business even regulated like they regulate auto and factory emissions? I doubt it.

The result is high school students’ math and reading scores are dropping. They are probably smoking the weed. When we used to sneak a sip of our parents’ wine, they are stealing their weed. Weed is the gateway to stronger drugs and the failure of America’s youth. We need to outlaw the weed nationally again. Stop the pot. It was a trial program that failed, yet more and more liberal states are legalizing it under the false premise that it helps to boost their economy and reduces arrests. Bull. I blame our liberal governors. They wouldn’t know how to run a state if their life depended on it. Look at Governor Newsom. It may soon if their state is looking like the Summer of Love.

If I had the power to change one law, it would be making marijuana illegal again.


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