Unfortunately, They Died Young.

What were your parents doing at your age?

This prompt made me feel like I am living on borrowed time. They both passed away way too young. They never saw their grandkids graduate from high school, college, and marry. They never met their great grandchildren. This was hard on my sons as most kids their age had grandparents at their baseball, basketball, soccer, and football games. I always wonder how it affected them in the long run never knowing their grandparents.

My grandmother lived to the ripe age of 99, leaving behind 22 grandchildren and many greats. That’s remarkable and hardly ever achieved these days. I miss my parents every day and wish they were able to live a longer life. I remember the last words my father said to me on the phone while he was in the hospital with a failing heart. He said, “I’m shot” meaning that he wasn’t going to recover this time. He went into a comma after that day, and I never saw him again.

My mother died at the same age as him four years later from cancer. It was a humiliating disease for a woman who was very modest and proper. Anyway, they would be surprised at where our country has gone. They were never really political but pretty conservative. I can remember my mother voting for Bill Clinton because she thought he was handsome. She didn’t really follow politics and there wasn’t news 24/7 back then. 60 Minutes was their go to. That was her last vote for a president. They both missed the PC, cellphone, and internet. They missed our attack on 9-11 and would not understand BLM, Antifa, and the crime we have in our streets today.

They wouldn’t even recognize the world we are living in now, especially the public school system. But I miss them both and hope their spirit is living on. They were taken too soon.

That’s what my parents were doing at my age. Being terribly missed.


One thought on “Unfortunately, They Died Young.

  1. My parents were newlyweds when the great depression happened. My mom told me in the year 1930 the total amount of money that they earned was $1.50. Fortunately, they were living on farm in Oklahoma and all of the neighbors bartered and traded for their needs. So, they didn’t go hungry, and had a roof over their heads, but little else. Needless to say, my mom was really tight with money. Hard working folks, good hearts, would do anything to help their neighbors. Great life teachers. Like you, I miss them even though they have been gone for over thirty years. P.S. My mom had a great disdain for politicians, I guess my attitude follows hers.

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