Joe’s New National Security: Shoot First. Ask Questions Later.

Since Joe had so much egg on his face after the Chinese Spy Balloon debacle, he is now shooting everything out of the sky at the cost of $400,000 a missile in order to look tough. But unfortunately, that has backfired too. Right in his face. One of the UFOs he shot down was merely a balloon launched by a teenage hobby club, i.e., a Boy Scout’s balloon. How embarrassing for Joe. Joe’s tough all right. He can fight with the best of them especially a teenager. Half expecting Corn Pop to launch one of these hobby balloons just to mess with him.

And what is NORAD and the Pentagon doing? Since when has America shot anything out of the sky? Not since Pearl Harbor sneak attack. Are we in a war with UFOs? Under the direction of Biden, the Pentagon is looking like a fool as well. NORAD should know better what is flying in our restricted airspace. But apparently, they are all taking the stupid pill which could lead us right in the middle of a sneak attack if one of these objects is the real thing. We are at the beginning of “the president who cried wolf” story playing out in real time.

You don’t think China or Russia is watching our ineptness? Of course, they are. All they have to do is send a real threat over our country in the form of a flying object or a drone, and we’ll probably ignore it now due to Joe’s quick trigger finger. And they used to fear Trump had a quick trigger finger. We might as well be having Alec Baldwin run our Defense Department. Shoot First. Ask Questions later. Joe went from slow reactionary to quick trigger precautionary within one week but alas that hasn’t worked for him either.

A rotten fish stinks from the head down, and that’s what we are experiencing with Joe as our leader. He stinks and now every department under him does too. Look at Homeland Security. Look at the FBI. Look at the DOJ. Look at Department of Education. Look at our Department of Transportation that is on a permanent maternity leave. Look at Health and Human Services. Look at our EPA! All stink of either corruption or ineptness now under Joe. We need to cut off the head of the fish, figuratively speaking, of course.


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