Joe’s Mantra: Ask Me No Questions or I’ll Walk Away.

In the past two years we’ve seen the back of Joe’s head more than the front. He continues to turn and walk away the second he’s finished giving a slurred and incoherent explanation to anything going on in our country. It is rude and, frankly, dishonest the way he is running this country. This is an example of the old adage: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” And he does it routinely. Probably why he wants to eliminate gas stoves as they give off more heat.

This is not a good quality for our Commander in Chief. This is the quality of a coward. If he can’t handle the press core, how can he handle world affairs? We’ve seen how he does. He cowers and hides for a week while thinking about what to do. When asked if he is cognitively impaired, his answer is “Watch me!” We are watching you Joe, and you look pathetic.

Look how he is handling the Ohio Chemical Disaster. He is playing politics with people’s lives. Since the governor is Republican, he decides not to send in FEMA to help with the locals that are suffering from exposure to the chemicals and smoke spilled into the waterways and air. This is not a compassionate president like the left likes to portray him. This is a cold, calculating, vindictive president that cares more about people who voted for him than the rest of us. Thus, why half the patriots that attended the 1-6 rally are in jail for merely supporting Trump.

I’m not sure The House has the power to do what really needs to be done–put them all in jail for corruption. Joe has the ultimate power of the veto and keeps telling us that. He’s such a dictator that if the House and Senate voted to appoint a special counsel to investigate him, he’d veto it.

So folks, we are up against a corrupt government and leader that has the media, social media, Hollywood, FBI, CIA, DOJ, in their pocket. What can we do about it? Rather than complain daily to our friends and family that are surely tired of hearing it, we make phone calls or write in hopes than we aren’t being shadow banned too.


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