“A Job is More Than a Paycheck. It’s About Dignity.”

What president has said this over and over claiming it to be the words of his father? You’re right! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. President Joe Biden. Biden claims to be from a poor family where his father gave sound advice about holding down a job. But his father owned a Chevy Dealership and Joe drove a new Chevy every year in high school probably cruising for chicks on weekends in his hot car thus why he holds onto a 1967 Corvette. That doesn’t sound so poor to me. So that was another lie by Joe.

I don’t remember any stories about Joe holding down a job as a teenager unless the one about him being a lifeguard at an all-black swimming club. Sounds suspiciously false to me. How do you think a boy with C grades in college could become a Senator at age 29? Because his father had connections and money. PERIOD. Joe is a phony.

But Joe’s claim about a job being more than a paycheck belies what he has been encouraging across the nation: Guaranteed Basic Income Programs paid by the government to those who prefer not to work, i.e., BLM and Antifa. Joe is incentivizing people to be lazy socialist activists. His street drones before the 2024 election. History repeating itself. Has Joe ever heard another old adage, “Idol hands are a devil’s workshop”? Apparently not.

These state-sponsored poverty kids are the ones tearing up cities around America with shootings, arson, and lootings. Their job apparently is to disrupt society while Joe is paying for their civil disobedience. So, when you hear Joe repeat the title phrase over and over, just know that he is not encouraging anyone to hold down a job. In fact, his policies have contributed to stores closing across the nation, one recently in my town was Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Last week it was Best Buy. Last year it was Sears along with numerous small restaurants. These stores have been there for decades and now poof. Gone.

Biden’s, along with Obama’s, policies destroy capitalism. We lost Borders Books and Staples under Obama’s reign. This is what happens when you vote Democrat, you bite off your nose despite your face and possibly lose your job.

I’m beginning to wonder if the train derailment was a planned sabotage by our government in order to punish Ohio farmers and the governor for voting Republican. Did someone put something on the track to make it derail? Why did they come in and set the chemicals afire? Are they killing off a generation of future hardworking GOP voters? Why is Buttigieg suspiciously staying away from the disaster? They know something more than they’re telling us.

I don’t trust Biden. Now he is showing up secretly in Ukraine trying to look brave but really because he’s a foreign agent. He cares more about our adversaries than he does our people. Also, he wants to detract from Trump’s visit to the Ohio Chemical Disaster Zone that he and Buttigieg refuse to visit. Just like Kamala and him refusing to visit our borders.

We have our own war going on at our southern border. We are being invaded daily by foreigners and Biden turns a blind eye. We have to enforce the laws that are in place, reinstate some that Trump had, and stop the invasion. Until we do that, nothing will change.

Biden is bringing us to the brink of a World War III with us and Ukraine against Russia and China. China is taking Russia’s side, so do the math. Joe is in so deep with Ukraine now that he can’t get out. He brought us into this war, and we’ll be forced into fighting if it comes it that. One country led by a comedian together with a country led by weakness fighting two countries with strong leadership. Wonder who will win?

Joe has also ruined New York City by allowing illegals to occupy downtown hotels and set up tents in front of the hotels. This ruins businesses on those streets as illegals are not paying customers. Joe has ruined everything across the nation and will go down as the Worst President in U.S. History and First President to Cheat His Way into Office. Karma is a b**ch and his chickens are coming home to roost soon. Cheaters never win in the long run.

In the meantime, keep your job not because Joe calls it dignity; but because you want to work for a living rather than take a handout from a socialist corrupt president.

Happy Presidents’ Day to our real presidents.


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