Why Sue Norfolk Southern Railway?

We don’t even know for sure how this freight train derailed. Was it sabotage by an anti-oil activist who put something on the tracks or under the wheels during a stop? Remember someone recently blew up the Nord Stream II. Was the government involved? Keep in mind Norfolk just transports these chemicals, they don’t produce them. Possibly this was just an unfortunate accident like a truck accident. Does the truck get sued for carrying toxic chemicals if the accident wasn’t the fault of driver? Of course, Norfolk feels responsible and is taking some responsibility, but it may not be their fault.

Was there a flaw in the track? There needs to be a thorough investigation prior to filing lawsuits. Why did authorities blow holes in five of the train’s 150 cars, which contained toxic chemical vinyl chloride to allow for a controlled burn? This seemed capricious and irresponsible and possibly the EPA should be getting sued rather than Norfolk. During this time around 5,000 people were ordered to evacuate by the governors of Ohio and Pennsylvania. From what I’ve read, none of the cars were leaking prior to having holes blown in them. Something’s up. HAZMAT should have been called in to contain whatever risk there was going to be prior to blowing holes and setting these cars afire. IMO.

Like Buttigieg said, they have many derailments all year long, so why start a controlled burn on this particular one? Could there be politics involved punishing a Red State that voted for Trump or the EPA looking for more support from liberals prior to the next election? Anything is possible these days. They can use this chemical burn crisis as their platform to run on. Who knows? But I doubt if this is the sole responsibility of Norfolk Southern Railway. Remember, whoever wins Ohio, wins the presidential election. And they are still pissed that Trump won Ohio, forcing them to steal the election from Trump during the dead of night.

I smell a rat, and it’s starting to smell worse since Biden and Buttigieg refuse to visit the site. They know who blew the holes in the five cars and probably know it was done with nefarious intentions. Trump plans to visit the site tomorrow, much to Biden’s chagrin, which is what a true president does. Biden spitefully refused FEMA to come in and supply bottled water for the residents. This is outrageous behavior by a sitting president.

He goes to Ukraine on President’s Day and meets with other countries’ presidents which gives the middle finger to America. This guy is America Last. He’s merely over there for a photo-op to boost his international creds prior to announcing another run for president, and the media is fawning all over it. Then he gives away our taxpayer money to a war that our soldiers are not even involved in (just all our money). He has added to our deficit 140 billion dollars to Ukraine. Compromised much, Biden? Trump says he’s pushing us into a World War III.

Before the media places all the blame on Norfolk Southern Railway (or on Trump as Buttigieg tried to do), remember the Democrats’ mantra: “Never let a crisis go to waste. And if there is no crisis, cause one.” Like they did on 1-6.


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