Transphobic and Proud of It!

I still believe you are the gender that you were born with. Transphobic is a new term for me, but when I heard what hospitals are doing to children here and overseas, I’m onboard. No offense to Katlin Jenner, as I’m sure he’s against children getting their privates mutilated or their puberty blocked. Has the world gone insane!? What are you doing to our children? They are our future. They will inherit the Earth, and you’ll be long gone. Do you want a bunch of woke, confused, gender-reversed resentful adults running our country like our current Secretary of Health whatever her or his name is? Can’t tell from looking at it.

The doctors, teachers, and nurses involved in this secret takeover of our children need to be arrested. PERIOD. They have no right. Whatever happened to parental consent? Has that gone by the wayside in a woke world? And if they got parental consent, the parents should be arrested for child abuse. Most of these children who wish to change genders are probably being encouraged by their teacher or a parent who didn’t get the gender reveal they wished for; or they are being bullied for not being good at sports. These are not reasons for one to change one’s gender! These surgeries never come out looking normal. You can’t fool mother nature.

Since when is being a crossdresser or transvestite something to revere? Since Biden started congratulating nine-year-old boys who wanted to become girls. Sick stuff. He actually said that the schools own our children while they are in attendance. Interesting. This abhorrent stuff starts at the top, and Biden has been condoning this for at least four years. Something is wrong in his brain and our country is suffering for it. Anyone who raised a drug and sex addicted adult should not be allowed to run for president because he is turning our youth into a bunch of Hunters. He and Jill failed at being parents and are now running our country!

My husband went to the restroom in a restaurant and there were two doors. They both had the symbol of male and female on them. He confusedly entered one of them and urinated into a regular toilet not a urinal, but he’s not a good aim at his age and that combined with being a germ-a-phobe…well, do the math. So, women are being subjected to men’s urine on their toilets. Nice going Biden. Another fine mess you’ve caused. But why, I ask why, do these establishments cater to the woke crowd? Do they have no loyalty to longtime customers or seniors with more traditional habits? Apparently, no. Do they not care about sanitation or health of their customers? This is how STDs and crabs can spread.

Seniors are getting hit from all sides. We live off our retirement plan while our variable loan goes up and gas prices and food are exorbitant; and now the lies the government told us in order to purchase an EV truck are hitting us too. Apparently if you want the 7500 credit on your tax return, you lose 7500 elsewhere in your return. Bait and switch. And this year there is no line item for charitable donations unless you use Schedule A which Biden figures will mostly hurt conservatives. And now we can’t urinate in the privacy of our own gender bathrooms.

Everything is upside down. But I’m proud to be called transphobic. Thanks to Biden.


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