Why is Congress so Upset About Release of Capitol “Riot” Videos?

For two years we’ve had to endure the Jan Sick Unselect Committee which was only formed to incriminate Trump. We knew all along that the videos they showed the people were sliced and diced to fit their narrative along with their witnesses and chosen RINO members. But now that McCarthy has allowed for videos that show peaceful demonstrators being escorted inside the capitol along with the police walking away from those that got violent or the police and FBI stirring up the crowd with teargas, rubber bullets, and batons, they are up in arms!

For Schumer to come to the Senate podium and claim that these new videos will inspire another insurrection is laughable as there wasn’t an insurrection to begin with. Nice try, Schumer. But the bigger question is “why is congress trying to hide the truth from the public?” Aside from the obvious that the Dems will look like they’ve been lying to the public for two years, the real reason is that they don’t want Trump to be validated as he is running for his second term as president and has them shaking in their boots.

They know they can’t pawn off old, lying, inept Biden on us again. The public was fooled once, not again. They know this bag of brittle bones can’t compete against Trump in a televised debate without hidden mics to feed him answers. They are fearful of Trump and is why they don’t want the tapes to come out. All the pundits on MSM are dismissing the tapes and vilifying poor Tucker for running them. Haven’t they heard the old adage “Don’t kill the messenger”? Guess not. They are actually comparing the release of the tapes to communist style indoctrination. Wow! Have they no self-awareness that they have been doing exactly this for two years? Amazing.

The conservatives being held in jail for attending the Capitol Rally need to be released from jail ASAP. They were falsely arrested based on lies told by the Capitol Police which were part of the scheme to incriminate Trump. Why do you think they lied about Officer Sicknick being killed by a rioter and planned a huge, televised funeral that Biden attended? Because it was all staged. Not sure why Sicknick died days later, but he was a Trump supporter so there’s that, and the ME said from natural causes which could be a heart attack. Ashlee Babbitt was shot by a Capitol Officer that was a member of BLM that got awarded for his kill. No mention of her during the hearings. Shameful.

All in all, We the People have been lied to for six years by the left. They either hide, coverup, or bury the truth as we are finding out years later. From the covid virus and how it was treated, to the mask and vaccine mandates, to the origin of covid, to the school and business shutdowns, to the zoom classrooms, to the mail in ballots, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting and stuffing, to the refusal to review the electoral votes in states in question, to the war on fossil fuel, to the bombing of Nord Stream II, to the funding of Ukraine War, to the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, to the raiding of Trump’s home, to the ignoring of BLM and Antifa riots, to the threatening of Supreme Court Justices, to the slandering of Kavanaugh by lying witnesses, to the staged attack on Mr. Pelosi, to Jussie Smollett’s fake racist attack, to the hiding of CRT in our schools, to the claim that the border is closed, to the teaching of gender confusion to grade school children, to the forcing transgender rights on all of us, and to the forcing of alternative lifestyles onto the rest of us or be cancelled. All were lies or schemes intended to hurt Trump’s presidency or punish his supporters.

But the truth always rises to the top as we are witnessing lately.


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