We Can See Clearly Now,

the reign of suppression is gone.
We can see all obstacles that were in Trump’s way.
Exposed is the Deep State that had us blind.
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

Now that all the truth is coming out about how enmeshed the government and FBI were in the 2020 election, I don’t see how the results should not be overturned. The media together with the Deep State had a well-coordinated plan to dismiss anything Trump said, did, recommended, or advised to the public during his presidency. If he said the clouds are black, they’d say they were white. That’s how dug in they were on hurting Trump. But, alas, Trump was always right.

My favorite was how quickly they warned that Hydroxychloroquine not be prescribed across the nation by doctors, just because Trump praised it. Doctors believed the hype that Trump didn’t know what he was talking about. But in all reality, the drug may have saved millions of lives if taken early on rather than being admitted into an overcrowded hospital and getting hooked up to a ventilator. It had been on the market for fifty years, was safe and cheap. But we’ll never know now due to malpractice of the CDC, Fauci, and the media.

Another one of my favorites was how they controlled what Twitter was allowed to show on their platform. If any tweets were pro-Trump, they had to be suppressed. If they were anti-Biden like the Laptop from Hell, they had to be suppressed. Only positive news of Biden and negative news of Trump need apply. This is election interference by the FBI and Twitter. If Elon hadn’t bought Twitter, we’d probably never know this for sure. Mainstream newspapers handled stories much the same, especially the New York Times.

Thank goodness for the hearings that The House has held which is exposing our government for what they really are: an authoritarian communist-style regime, i.e., stick with our narrative, or we’re coming for you. If the House hadn’t been taken over by the GOP, we may have never heard the truth. Little by little. we may be able to dig ourselves out of this hole much like folks are digging themselves out of their homes in the Sierra Mountains. It will take some time, however, to convince hardcore leftists and wokeys that they’ve been lied to for six years, some even still believing that Trump incited the Capitol riot, colluded with Russia, and Fauci is a God. Balderdash!

We also all knew that the covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab in China and not a wet market like the left was pushing. Common sense told us that from the get-go. Wuhan lab was working with coronaviruses, scientists that worked there went missing after the leak, and China wouldn’t allow our investigators to come in. Do the math. It started there. What we needed was proof of whether the U.S. funded Gain of Function to engineer a deadly bioweapon virus. Also, do the math and follow the money. Fauci asked some scientists to write a letter pooh-poohing this theory, and they in return received millions in grants from our government. The one time where the coverup isn’t worse than the crime. Follow the money. Bureaucrats love spending other people’s money especially when it helps their coverup. Another theory that Trump suspected all along but got slammed by the media as a conspiracist and racist. Trump was right again.

So, as we slowly peel off the layers of the onion this year to get down to the center of where all the corruption began, we’ll be able to see clearly. When it all comes out, let’s hope many heads roll as there has been fraud, treason, dereliction of duty, and the crime of the century committed yet not one person has been held accountable. Amazing. And Durham hasn’t lived up to his expectations either.

And what is the left doing about all the truth that is finally surfacing? They are conjuring up the Stormy Daniels story. Pitiful. If they have to go back to that well, they don’t have much to run on. They must be desperately scrambling behind the scenes in the Democrat Party.


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