How to Spend Under $100 in the Grocery Store.

For one of the first times in my life I went to the grocery store and tried to check the price of every item before I put it in the cart. Why? Because I had recently purchased a small number of groceries to finish off a chicken dinner I was planning, and it came to $198 much to my chagrin! I was shocked then checked the receipt when I got home thinking some items must have been mismarked. To my amazement two cupcakes were nine dollars and a small container of cubed cheese was nine dollars. I realized then that the stores are ripping me off big time. So, my goal yesterday was to purchase every item not to exceed five dollars.

I planned to spend less than $100 for some basics to last me a week. I noticed off the bat that produce is not always marked. Blueberries were seven dollars! So I bought the smallest container. I then went to throw some walnuts in the cart and found them to be eleven dollars. I ended up with a small container of peanuts for under five. Toilet paper was the worst. The cheapest package was $7.99. I bought store brand cereal, Folgers coffee, and store brand peanut butter. Not my usual brands, but something has to give. I even bought bologna versus ham and six eggs versus a dozen and a few produce items which were unmarked together with cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and milk.

Found crackers under three dollars and skipped the chips. A couple of ice teas and one bottle of wine and it all came to $109. So I went nine dollars over my goal. But it definitely helped my overall bill which normally ranges from $150 to $180 when I don’t check prices.

Will I live with this new way of shopping? I think I have to now that my mortgage has gone up, going out to eat has too, and our retirement savings has gone down. Luckily, I bought a hybrid Toyota prior to Biden taking office so I can go two to three weeks on one fill up. The goal is to not outlive our money, right? I don’t want to have to be the oldest checker in Walgreens someday. Under Biden, none of us are safe as he’s coming for our cars, our guns, our money, our sports, and our grandchildren. Something has to give. Tired of being ripped off under the feigned guise of covid and high gas prices. And in California they still have the nerve to charge you for a grocery bag after two nine-dollar cupcakes? And to top to it off, shoppers and some clerks are still wearing cloth masks. What a joke.

I finally had to say to one clerk, “Still wearing the mask, hey?” She responded, “Yes, we try to be safe here.” I responded, “Safe from what? It’s all over now” to her blank expression which I couldn’t see under her mask. I’m sure most people have already found the best ways to survive in this economy, but just wanted to share my experience in the rip off grocery stores. They are all overpriced! Check the prices before putting an item in your cart! Next, they’ll be charging $5 to use their carts.


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