Is There a Lawless Gene that Some are Born With?

I notice the radical leftists in every country are the ones burning and destroying property whereby the right wingers protest peacefully. Why is that? Are some people just born to break the law, so they become leftists so they will be in like company? Our country is certainly divided down party lines, but it is becoming increasingly evident which party is protesting by the looks of the crowd.

Right wingers hold their country’s flag and walk peacefully while the leftists dressed in black hoodies are throwing, burning, and assaulting authorities. Is this behavior nurture or nature is the burning question. Certainly, our colleges have inspired students to become agitators but is this all it takes to become a lawless person? We see black punks looting stores in New York City with no punishment. Were they raised or indoctrinated to loot stores or were they born with a lawless gene? Are all of us born with a lawless gene but are nurtured to act honestly?

Certainly, God is not in the lives of these lawless folks as it is a sin to act outside the law. They are probably atheists or have left their church for various reasons. Does this lawless behavior start at the top of our government and trickle down to people who figure if the president can get away with crime, so can we? And the Democrat solution to lawlessness is to throw 5 million dollars at these thugs hoping that will change their lives. It won’t. It will give them more money to buy drugs and lay around without working. Idol hands are a devil’s workshop.

We all have to live among these lawless people daily and risk our lives. Shootings are becoming more prevalent in crowded establishments. Should we stay home and avoid crowds at all costs? Or should we ignore the fact that crime has risen and not change our way of life? I personally avoid crowds inside of a building or an enclosed mall. Democrats’ solution is to confiscate guns. Guns don’t kill, nuts do.

It must be hard to raise kids these days with the gender confusion, white guilt, and lawlessness among leftists. We just hope that our grandkids do not get taken in by the siren call of these law breakers. We used to send our kids to school to learn as well as follow the schools’ rules. But now anything goes, and the rules have gone out the window. Kids talk back, act unruly, and even strike their teacher to no avail. Spare the rod, spoil the child. This loosey goosey school rules started under the Obama Regime when he introduced the Promise Program. He promised every student would graduate and not be arrested. What a mistake that was. It led to the Parkland shooting.

Our teachers back in the day would send you to the corner for losing your homework or asking to use the restroom. Those days are gone. My son was suspended back in the day for finding an abandoned fanny pack that contained lunch money. The school called the police. What a difference a generation makes. Now the same age group can loot a jewelry store for thousands of dollars and no police will be called. The world is upside down, and I blame radical leftists for the dumbing down of our society.

TikTok is indoctrinating our youth, and Biden doesn’t have an opinion on them. Must be vying for the youth vote. Biden is also vying for the transgender vote. He wants young kids to be thinking about whether or not they like their gender and if they should change it. Parents must be involved by finally getting the sex of the child they wished for. All sick stuff by the radical left.

How will our country turn out, I often wonder? When will we get back to normal and talk about normal issues that affect our country and We the People? First, we have to vote every Democrat out of office even down to the city council and local school board level. They are all nuts. Whoever we vote for president, make sure it is a Republican. We can’t afford another four years of this radical leftist nonsense put upon us. Are these nuts born with a lawless gene or were they nurtured into lawlessness? That is the burning question.


2 thoughts on “Is There a Lawless Gene that Some are Born With?

  1. New poll out today by WSJ shows only 39% of Americans consider religion important, only 38% consider themselves patriotic. Those two bits of information should answer all of your questions. Is your heart breaking yet?


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