Transgender Commits Hate Crime at Nashville Christian School, Killing Six.

A woman, clearly looking like a man, shot up a Christian Church/School killing three nine-year-olds and three adults. This mayhem is the direct result of Biden’s polices of normalizing transgenderism. Interestingly, the media called this shooter a female rather than a white male. She clearly looks like a man and usually males are school shooters, so the police knew more than they were telling us yesterday. And since when is it politically correct to call a transgender by her biological sex? Katlin Jenner is called a woman along with that swimmer. I guess when they kill, they resort to their biological sex in the eyes of the authorities. Makes no sense.

Obviously this was a HATE CRIME as this guy went straight to the church and shot 100 rounds. She/he hates religion but notice Biden avoided all this and went straight to gun control and Republicans. When you shoot up a Christian school and church as a transgender this is a hate crime! She/he hated religion which is against her gender dysphoria. PERIOD.

The media, police, and government are ignoring this HATE CRIME and will blame it on guns. This is a direct result of Biden’s policies. Why do we not hear anything about this guy? Where does he work? Does he have a job? Did he attend college? Why are they keeping this information from us? Is he a Democrat? Most likely and why they are keeping this from us. If he was a Trump supporter, they’d have told us already.

Notice mainstream media is ignoring this outrageous shooting of six innocent lives in a Christian school in an upscale neighborhood because it doesn’t fit their narrative that white supremacists are shooters. He/she may be white, but he targeted a religious school making it a hate crime. Why hasn’t one photo of this shooter’s face emerged? She lived with her father where she probably got the guns. It’s not a gun issue. It’s a mental health issue and proves that transgenderism is a mental disease, and no amount of gun laws would have prevented it. Targeting innocent victims for no reason other than hate for religion is a mental disease.

The media is avoiding the fact that she’s a transgender because transgenderism has been Biden’s platform all along. And Biden would have already called this a hate crime if a black school was shot up. But instead, he made jokes about having a frig full of chocolate chip ice cream. He’s literally insane himself and doesn’t care a whip about this religious school. The so-called compassionate president is nothing more than a coldhearted, political hack.

Schools need security guards at every entrance. If we can send our taxpayer money to Ukraine indefinitely, pay blacks $5 million in SF, and waste millions on persecuting Trump, we can certainly boost up our schools’ security with armed guards and bulletproof glass. This needless killing was preventable. How many more school shootings before these schools get smart? Evil lurks, and it looks for soft targets. Pray for the victims’ families.

UPDATE: Apparently this girl was autistic too and should never have been allowed to purchase a gun. Her parents need to be held accountable as she lived in their home. This is the second autistic shooter of a school. They should never be allowed to watch violent video games or purchase guns. Never. Parents need to start being held accountable for their adult children’s violence if they lived at home. She needed help and her parents dropped the ball or contributed to her hate.


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