Is Joey Really Slipping or is Something More Nefarious Going on?

Is Joey faking his dementia so that when he gets indicted for selling out our country he can claim non compos mentis – not of sound mind, memory, or understanding; in law, not competent to go to 

trial? After his insensitive ice cream comments yesterday, one wonders if this guy is mentally all there. But, could this crafty old man just be laying out a “not competent to go to trial” defense for himself in the event he gets indicted? They have him dead to rights for receiving millions from many bank accounts with 150 suspicious activity reports.

After all when he has a planned speech, he can typically get through the whole thing with just a few stutters, slurs, yells, and finger wagging; but yesterday he was totally off the rails talking about his frig like Nancy Pelosi once did. Albeit he does plagiarize. Then he went on to flirting with some young boys in his audience. Sick man if this is not being faked.

The Democrats are up to something as they surely know this guy cannot debate against Trump in 2024, or can he? Maybe he is also faking in order to throw off Trump for when they finally come to the stage again and gets the moderator to back his side of all his lies then change the subject to climate change like was done in 2020.

They are up to something nefarious and only time will tell what it is. In the meantime, watch him like he always asks us to do. Watch whether or not he’s faking his dementia or not. He is getting lost on stage way too many times and may have overplayed his hand. Something is up, and I don’t trust the Democrats as far as we can throw them. They are good at cheating, lying, stealing, and possibly acting.


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