Trump Indictment is an Embarrassment to our Country.

Other countries must be making fun of us. How could we do this to a former president who ran our country so successfully despite all the incoming impeachments and lies told about him? This is just another desperate attempt to take him out before the next election. It is shockingly sad. I’m ashamed of our justice system and the grand jury who recommended this. They probably all got promised a paid interview on a news segment and voted accordingly.

Soros bought and paid for this DA Bragg, so we have foreign influence affecting our elections again. Our congress pays off women with taxpayer money and have them sign NDAs all the time. Why not expose all those congressmen who have been accused, falsely or not, of sexual harassment? Why aren’t they arrested? Why isn’t Biden arrested for selling influence to other countries? Why wasn’t Bill Clinton arrested for paying off Paula Jones? This indictment is ridiculous!

The left is giddy over this indictment and do not have the facts. They actually think Trump has broken laws while Biden has not. It is a farce.

How do you argue with these leftist loons? They have no facts. No common sense. No scruples. This is a disgrace to our country and a sad day in history. Are we living in a police state, a banana republic? Sure looks like it. In 2020 they unleashed a corona virus to ruin Trump’s chances, and now they are indicting him for nothing to ruin his chances. They are dirty rotten scoundrels.


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