DA Bragg is Doing Biden’s Dirty Work.

We already know that George Soros paid Bragg millions to “get Trump” but how much of Biden’s dirty money is Bragg receiving? Follow his money. Biden is trying to eliminate his challengers beginning with Trump. After that, he’ll go for DeSantis. He wants no one challenging him in 2024. He has to cheat to win. If a grand jury “can indict a ham sandwich”, then Trump must be a ham sandwich.

There are a lot of questions regarding this indictment that no pundits in the legal field seem to have an answer for. Here is a list in no particular order:

  1. Why was the public told that this grand jury was on recess for a month, then suddenly an indictment was issued late in the day? Was this a head fake?
  2. Who was on this jury and who got to them? They obviously do not understand the rule of law.
  3. How can Trump be indicted for a crime where the statute of limitations has expired?
  4. How can one misdemeanor crime be turned into a federal felony and issued by a state DA? And how can 30 counts be charged on one crime?
  5. How can Trump get a fair trial in NYC where he is neurotically hated by leftists?
  6. Can Trump get a change of venue to get a jury of his peers? Sussmann got off in NYC because the jury was compiled of Hillary-loving leftists.
  7. Is there a connection to Trump being indicted prior to Easter when Jesus was resurrected after being killed?
  8. Will this indictment make Trump a martyr and prove that he’s been right all along about the witch hunt?
  9. Can we believe that Trump will be indicted next Tuesday or is this another head fake?
  10. Is the Biden Administration doing this to incite a violent riot from Trump Supporters so he can run on that? If so, he may be sorrily disappointed as only Antifa, FBI, and BLM riot violently. And typically, it’s leftists outside of Trump Tower holding “Arrest Trump” signs.
  11. Is the timing of this indictment another deflection or distraction from the bad news facing Biden like the kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter in Russia, China and Russia getting together, banks failing, freight trains derailing everywhere, Christians being targeted by transactivists, problems in Syria, Drag Queen story hours in the military, TikTok spying on us, Trump’s polls going up, and mounting charges against Biden and his family?
  12. Will Trump really have to be cuffed and given a mugshot? This is overkill as he is not a criminal, nor has he ever been. In fact, prior to him running for president, he was an icon celebrity in NYC.
  13. Since this is just a persecution of a man in search of a crime, shouldn’t these charges be dismissed by the judge?
  14. Can Trump get an unbiased judge or does he have to go before a judge appointed by Obama?
  15. Is anything that is being done to Trump right now lawful and legal? Or is this a banana republic tactic, and I don’t mean the tropical shirt store.
  16. When they unlawfully raided Trump’s home for classified documents will they do something like that again to hurt Trump’s image?
  17. If a former President of the United States can be indicted for a clerical error on his taxes, what can they do to an average person?
  18. If they are claiming Trump used campaign money to pay off Stormy, how can they prove that when Trump campaigned in 2016 with his own money? Remember Trump didn’t want to be beholden to any groups, so he refused large sums of money.
  19. If Bill Clinton paid off Paula Jones, Hillary spent millions in campaign money on a fake dossier, and Biden molested his assistant as a Senator, why aren’t they being arrested? Rhetorical question.
  20. Why is it that congress has been buying off accusatory women for years then sealing the records and are not exposed or arrested?
  21. What kind of world are we living in that something this preposterous could be done to a former successful president?
  22. Now that our country is looking more like a dictatorship, what can we do about it other than vote? They control the election systems too.
  23. How can our FBI and DOJ ignore blatant crimes of the Biden family, but go along with this indictment of Trump? Rhetorical question.
  24. Will Trump have to spend any time in jail, or will he be released on bail by the judge? (Can’t believe I am asking this question.)
  25. If Trump is found guilty by a jury of not his peers, can he appeal to the highest court, the Supreme Court and stay out of jail during that period? Can he sue for his legal fees when this is all over and done with?

If I have to hear one more Democrat say “no one is above the law,” I think I’ll throw up. This is their only talking point. What a bunch of hypocrites! April Fool’s Day is tomorrow. I keep hoping they’ll say, “April Fools, no indictment.” But the only fools are those running our country right now.

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