Antigun and Transactivists Storm Kentucky and Tennessee Capitol Buildings.

Is this an insurrection as they attacked the police and broke into capitol buildings?!!!!! Did any of them get arrested and will spend one thousand days in jail without due process? The answer is “No” because they are leftists and are promoting the administration’s antigun and protrans agenda.

Like I’ve always said before, it’s the left that storms buildings, breaks windows, burns cars, places pipe bombs, and assaults innocent people and the police. Not Trump Supporters. But the left IS ABOVE THE LAW.

So while goofy Biden sends 35,000 cops to New York City wishing Trump Supporters would show up, leftists are tearing apart state capitols right under our noses. Trump Supporters are home praying for our nation after what they have done to Trump.

Christians were gunned down by a wacko transgender girl and the left flips the script to a gun issue. Please. Don’t insult our intelligence. We know the truth and all the screaming and lying will not change our minds. The left is trying to normalize freak shows while the right is sitting home praying for the future of our country. We lost the rule of law this week and it stings. We don’t like living in a violent country where there’s no law and order that protects the innocent and honest.

Apparently, law and order is only for transgenders, gays, blacks, and lesbians under the Biden Regime. The rest of us can go pound sand.


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