How to Get Your Crush to Notice You with One Simple Word.

I know dating has changed since I was young, but I think I found the secret to getting your crush to ask you out, and it’s not going on dating sites. Since I was old enough to date, I found that guys had it easier. They’d come up to you and ask, “What’s your name?” That’s all they had to do but that didn’t make me want to date them. I wanted to date someone I was crushing on; so, I came up with a plan.

I found that if you follow your crush a little bit and get his schedule, you could accidentally on purpose pass him in the hallway each day and say, “Hi.” After a while, he would get the message that you liked him, and he would ask you out on a date. It worked twice in high school and several times in college and many times once I started working. A simple “Hi” was all a guy really needs to know you like him. If he doesn’t get it at first, then repeat until he does. Some guys are clueless. If he’s not interested, then of course, you may not get a date.

Now I also had dates that approached me with the same old, “What’s your name” line, but those relationships didn’t last as there was something missing. I liked being the picker or the chooser. Except for two that got away that I may have wanted to marry. The ones that got away and broke my heart. One was clearly a gigolo; and the other, an aspiring actor who did land a part in a blockbuster movie years later. I watch it all the time. I still think of both of them.

All this internet dating and posting pictures of yourself with videos seems unnatural, although it is how my one fickle son finds dates. I finally found my husband by happenstance and asked him to dance. He immediately got up from his table, danced, asked me out, and we got married nine months later. And I was a shy person.

He may have not been the perfect choice for me; but at the time, I was head over heels. I wanted to marry someone I heard bells with. We are total opposites in most ways, but my first years of marriage were better than I ever would have imaged they’d be. Can’t complain.

Never underestimate the power of the word “Hi.” It opens a lot of doors.


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