Why so Many Train Derailments and Mass Shootings in 2023?

Every time I turn on the news now there’s another train derailment or mass shooting. This can’t be coincidental. Are there climate change activists tampering with the freight cars or the rails so that they derail? Are they mad at trains delivering coal or other chemicals thinking it is polluting the environment? Why do we never hear about the true cause of these accidents? It can’t take this long to investigate. And why hasn’t Biden gone to visit the victims of the first derailment in Ohio. Rhetorical question. He doesn’t care about people who didn’t vote for him.

In fact, Biden is all about punishing people that didn’t vote for him. Are train derailments the new Summer of Love riots? Make a mess of a town for no reason and leave the city to clean it up. Take out one city after another with train derailments, loss of property values and clean drinking water with the ultimate goal to bankrupt the country?

And what is Pothole Pete doing about looking into this so that there is not another one? He’s a big climate activist himself and rides a bike to work (Not) and probably is secretly enjoying the destruction of the train industry. Worst person to put in charge of transportation. It would be like putting a child molester as principal of a school.

Why so many mass shooters of late? I thought the black and trans folks were happy under Biden. It appears not. Three black teens shot three white teens last week, a trans-confused shot up a Christian school, and now a mass shooting at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, and one shooter on the loose outside a nearby college.

It would seem that the FBI and Facebook are not adequately screening social media posts to prevent these mass shooters. They usually post something prior to their attacks. If a friend sees something, say something. We have to go back to 9-11 strategies to prevent these attacks. They are domestic terrorists, and the FBI needs to stop looking for the elusive white supremist and start focusing on climate, trans, and black activists. And it’s not more gun laws as a shooter doesn’t follow gun laws and can steal a gun anywhere. Some even passing a background check which probably needs to include calling the parents of the shooter (if he/she is young) prior to selling the guns. The parents never seem to have a clue.

Still waiting to hear who shot up the bank. He’s been neutralized but no mention of who he is other than he may have worked there and gone postal. “Workplace violence” will be the motive given by authorities unless he’s white, then it will be “white supremacy” and Biden will show up to run on it. Never let a crisis go to waste. And they still haven’t given the motive for the Christian school trans shooter. Please.


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