The Gay Movement has Lost its Allure.

For the past two years we have been inundated with commercials and movies showing men kissing each other, getting married, having sex, and living together as a couple. We’ve also been flooded with women kissing each other, getting married, having sex, and living together as a couple. But this last year it’s been all about drag shows, transgenders in sports and now commercials.

I still think all of the above is a small percentage of people and shouldn’t be forced upon us as normal. It’s not what any mother intended for their son or daughter, let’s be honest with ourselves. The mothers who are condoning this behavior of their child is like the mother who looks the other way when they become drug addicts. It’s not what we wanted for them. They wanted them to get married to the opposite sex and have children so they could pass on their genes to another generation. Procreate the race.

But liberalism got in the way of many of these dreams of parents. Now some of these parents are actually considering changing the gender of their child that is depressed. Trust me, changing the gender will not make your child happy. Casepoint the transgender that shot up a Nashville school. Happiness comes from within. You have to instill a happy child by loving them, not spoiling them; by nurturing them, not smothering them; by teaching them the love of God at a young age, not letting that void be filled by teachers in school teaching white guilt and racism not to mention gender confusion.

But being gay is boring now. Seen that, heard that, so the libs had to come up with something new to offend the rest of us. Drag queen story hour in schools and transgenders in sports and commercials now. Thank you so much, libs, wokes, and Biden. You’ve really contributed to society. We really needed another objectionable lifestyle to get used to. Was pedophilia taken? But I for one have not gotten used to any of this and will not cave to their demands. It’s wokey, and it’s dopey. I won’t use their nonbinary bathrooms. Gays stole the rainbow symbol as their own so what will the transexuals, crossdressers, and drag queens steal as their symbol? Waiting to see it. Will it be a sunset, waterfall, or moon? They take what they want.

They used to be fun like in the Crocodile Dundee movie and kept to themselves. But not any longer. Now they want to be normalized in society and are becoming transactivists. Just like Biden wants. Gay pride is old school now and not even cool. Who woulda thunk?

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