Biden Turns to TikTok to Save his Presidency.

And to run his social media campaign. He was exposed for using Facebook to censor conservative news, place unguarded drop boxes, and boost his lame agenda so now moving onto TikTok to campaign for him. But what does he have left to run on? Abortion. That’s it. The young girls in college will come out in droves and vote against wicked Republicans that want to kill women with back-alley abortions. Please.

If that’s all Biden has to run on with all the problems our country has right now, then it’s a fool’s errand. We have China threatening to invade Taiwan, Russia on the brink of nuclear war with Ukraine, warships from other countries congregating offshore, China, Russia, Iran, and now France uniting, the EPA planning to phase out all gasoline cars, NYC unsafe to walk, NYC DA arresting Trump for nothing and suing a congressman yet releasing real criminals from jail, a border that is out of control, Fentanyl deaths on the rise, FBI up to their eyeballs in corruption and case coverups, classified document leaks, windmill energy exploration killing whales, a son that held meetings in the WH 80 times while he was VP with his partners and Joe, cost of food rising as well as mortgages, real estate market stagnant, stock market weak, gasoline on the rise again, schools condoning gender changes, oil emergency reserve depleted, J-6 rally goers held in jail without due process, military supplies depleted, transactivists becoming violent, Christianity threatened, racial tensions gone back to the 50s, and inflation, inflation, inflation with no one to blame but himself. Everything is worse under Biden.

So, if Biden thinks TikTok is going to promote him while he stays in his basement like last time or holds a rally with crop circles, he has another thing coming. Everyone knows how weak of a president, how muddled his speech, how clumsy, how dishonest, how radical, how ineffective with the economy, how compromised on world affairs, how dishonest on the border, and truly how insensitive he is to tragedies and deaths. It’s all on tape.

So, while congress is trying to kick TikTok out of the United States, Biden wants it to remain as he is beholden to China and needs China to help him win in 2024.


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