If Everyone Agrees our Country is Heading in the Wrong Direction…

then why do they stick with the Democrats? The Democrats have had total control of our country for the last two years, and there’s chaos in our streets, our border, our economy, our schools, and overseas. Why would we let them continue to run things? It’s the definition of insanity to repeat the same and expect a different result.

A singer/songwriter on American Idol sang a song entitled 180 about getting our country back, or we’ll lose it forever. It was pretty insightful and smart for a 17-year-old. But what really shocked me was the reaction from the usually liberal judges. They all agreed with the sentiments of the song as if Biden has nothing to do with the state of the union. They voted for him most likely and voted for Hillary, as I recall. So why agree with this songwriter?

I think they silently know that our country is in trouble, but they don’t blame Biden as they want more radical climate change, pro-abortion, anti-gun, and crossdressing policies and don’t want conservatives to object. If they silenced us, they’d all be happy and wouldn’t go to the streets any longer. They think we are biased against blacks, gays, climate change, pro-choice, and crossdressers. We’re not biased; we just don’t want these issues to be front and center. Which they have since Biden took office.

I have already heard what Biden and his pundits will be running on. Their talking point goes much like this: “If you want four more years of chaos like we had under Trump, then expect the same, only worse.” What they are leaving out of their talking point is that the Democrats and their minions caused all the chaos from BLM, Antifa, J-6, AOC, Schumer, Fauci, FBI, and impeachment after impeachment. None of which Trump had control over. But it is also a veiled threat that they will continue their destruction of cities if we vote for Trump. And that same gal will scream in the streets and the pink knit caps will come out in droves.

Even backstabbing Chris Christie has come out saying Trump is just a tv star and nothing else. What a cruel thing to say about his once-buddy Trump especially after all the good work he accomplished while in office. I hate when Republicans turn on each other. The Democrats rarely do that and why they win once and a while without cheating.

Just heard that Tucker Carlson is leaving FOX News! Probably pushed out as he is too frank and investigative for FOX. This is scary as that means Hannity and Gutfeld may be next. Who will we get the truth from? Newsmax will be the only source on tv left standing and Twitter. That will make it hard to run a campaign in 2024. Susan Rice is leaving office (one of the puppet masters) and Don Lemmon was let go. Lots of shakeups prior to Biden officially announcing his run for reelection.

So the next time one of your leftist friends says that our country is heading in the wrong direction, please ask them who is the cause of that? They will hum and haw then blame Putin, climate change, and intrinsic racism, but never Biden. Amazing.


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