American Idol Judges Blew it Last Night!

Last night they announced the top 12 contestants for American Idol which I’ve watched since the inception except for the covid year. Ten contestants were not voted into the top ten by voters. I have never missed voting but for some reason this year, I was unable to log in as the NBC screen kept saying “try again.” After a while I gave up and hoped my picks went through.

My main choice for American Idol popstar was going to be Michael Williams who was a cross between Tom Cruise and Ricky Nelson in the looks department but sang with a beautiful falsetto. He was in the bottom ten that didn’t get chosen. So all ten sang for their lives and the judges chose their choice to put two through to the top twelve. Lionel Richie chose a radical acting black woman who had a threatening glare and arm motions when she wasn’t picked by the voters. Katy chose a foreign woman who was not even American. American Idol? Not so much.

The Tom Cruise look-a-like’s jaw dropped as well as mine. They made a big mistake not picking him. He would have made a great, clean-cut, American Idol much like the diamond in the rough, Carrie Underwood has been. Big mistake. He probably would have won but NBC is more concerned with diversity than choosing a wholesome, talented singer. Last year Noah Thompson won, and I picked him from the onset. Michael Williams had his talent and looks, but this year that didn’t seem to enter into the criteria. I was tuning in just to see him. Much like why people tuned into FOX News for Tucker. Bad decision making.

Maybe someone will drop out and Michael can return. Maybe one of the top ten have a police record. Just saying. The voting has changed as they made it harder for me to vote. I used to phone-in votes. Not any longer. It’s either text or nothing. Why Michael did not make it to the top ten in the first place is beyond comprehension. Katy said voters were jealous of him. Really? Jealous of his looks so they wouldn’t vote for him? That’s the whole reason they have this competition is to choose an idol that fans can strive to be. It isn’t a pity contest. Ridiculous comment. But in this upside-down world, mediocre is great and great is mediocre, even on American Idol.

So instead, we are left with one foreigner, one Hawaiian big guy, one radical big girl, one bearded hippy guy, one bearded beanie guy, one angelic gal, one pop-teen girl, one dancing guy, one skinny black girl, one Brad Pitt look-a-like cowboy-hat guy, the 180 Asian teenager songwriter, and a disk jockey gal. All talented, but Michael Williams should have been picked by the judges rather than a radical and a foreigner. The judges blew it! Michael would have won. I predict the cowboy will win with pop-teen girl or Hawaiian guy as the runner up.


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