Biden’s Doctrine: Destroy America.

“Finish the job” is his new slogan. Sounds more like a hired hitman that hasn’t quite killed off his target. Biden’s target is America. I know this sounds harsh, but the media soft pedals this same message. The conservative news outlets must be walking on thin ice now that Tucker has been fired. The Biden Regime is trying to take out all opposition to their radical agenda. In fact, the mainstream media doesn’t even report on the crisis going on at our borders. Thousands of illegals crossing over a day bringing fentanyl and unaccompanied children which get shipped off alone to sex traffickers or to slave labor. If this had gone on under Trump, it would be front page news.

Biden’s press secretary said yesterday that the GOP is encouraging fentanyl to come to our country or something to that effect. Outrageous that she would make this claim when all they’ve done is ask for a closed border and finish the wall. Just enforce the immigration laws already on the books during the Trump era.

Biden has nothing to run on, so the left is coming out in droves to take out Trump instead. Some gal from thirty years ago is suing Trump for rape in a dressing room at a department store. Seriously? First of all, did she call the cops back then? No. Did she scream for help in the dressing room? No. Did Trump go into the women’s dressing room to attack her? No. This sounds more like successful icon being approached by her, and they had a rendezvous in the dressing room. After all, he was known for being a playboy and had no trouble getting dates. But this woman has most likely been hired by a democrat operative to cry rape. Just another Christine Balsey Ford. Geez, it must be hard being rich. But I digress.

Yesterday’s video announcement that Biden taped looked more like something shown at a reading of a will from a deceased. It was slurred, highly edited, and frankly, showed more blacks around him like he was Martin Luthur King or something. Total sham of a video just like his presidency. He is obviously vying for the black and tranny votes but what about the rest of America? He could care less. We are all MAGA white supremacists in his eyes. He wants to finish the job of destroying America before he leaves office. When, and if, the media (mainstream or conservative) admits this, the better off we’ll all be. Based on his video, he’s still banking on J-6 and Charlotteville protests.

Now getting to Biden’s health. Whoever the doctor is that claims Biden is a vibrant 80-year-old, needs his license revoked. It is clear to anyone with eyes that Biden is lost in his head as he follows his handlers around, looks confused, can’t complete an intelligent sentence, and relays weird memories of his past ad nauseum. He is clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, but the doctor won’t even tell us what stage he is in. It is elder abuse to let him continue, not to mention the abuse of our country. We cannot let this ailing man bring us to the brink of war with his scorched Earth mentality.

I do predict he won’t make it to the debate stage with our GOP candidate as his health his failing fast. Basement Biden will be hidin’ much like he did in 2020. The burning question is: Will Democrats vote for this man a second time? Can’t wait to ask my liberal friends. Already lost one, how many more will I lose?


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