Vetted Reporters, Vetted Questions, Vetted Answers from an Unvetted President…

who drives a Vette! You can’t make this stuff up. It appears that yesterday’s rare presser confirmed what we knew all along that the Democrats DO conspire to cheat and have no qualms in doing so. The reporters that didn’t get called should be outraged, but it is probably just business as usual at the White House. “Cover for the old man.”

Not only did Biden have the questions and answers in hand, but he had to study them prior to it being his turn to get a question. He flipped through the pages of cheat notes like an unprepared kindergartener anticipating being called on by his teacher. It was off putting to watch. Can you imagine Trump or DeSantis behaving in this manner? Of course, not.

This is SOP for the Democrats as you recall when Donna Brazile gave the questions to Hillary prior to her primary debate. Donna should have been ostracized but instead was revered.

But now that Basement Biden is running for president, how in the world will he be able to pull off another debate without cheat notes or a mic in his ear? He won’t. So he may just refuse to debate our candidate whoever it is, and the media will fall in lockstep behind his decision. We are getting played, folks.


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