Is the GOP Just Treading Water?

Every time I think we are making headway against the far-left radicals, we just get shutdown by the DOJ, liberal senators, or radical judges. We are up against a rushing current from the left and cannot swim ahead. We swim one stroke forward and two strokes back. It is discouraging to say the least.

We file one lawsuit and subpoena after another to either get ignored or thrown out of court. They always say the only way to voice our disapproval is to vote. We tried that too in the last two elections but that got taken away too. We listened to five FBI whistleblowers telling the truth about how the FBI is targeting conservatives. Where’s the result of that? Almost as though it fell on deaf ears. Why is that? It should have been the biggest scandal in modern history. But no.

The left has physically ill representatives that either need to retire or just resign. How can our country be so stupid as to allow physically ill people to run it. Is this part of political correctness that we can’t say anything against the ill? From Fetterman to Feinstein to Biden they are all suffering, yet we allow them to stay on. It is pitiful to watch and the height of elder abuse.

What ever happened to the case against Hunter Biden? What ever happened to the case against Hillary? What about Sam Bankman Fried? Crickets. What about the Epstein client list? Crickets. It is clear these characters are all guilty, yet nothing gets done. But the left continues to file frivolous lawsuits against Trump for God knows what while he was a successful businessman in NYC. I don’t see those lawsuits getting thrown out of court. Why is that? In fact, every time he speaks the truth, more lawsuits come his way. And the biased NAACP is coming for DeSantis.

Kari Lake filed a lawsuit that got thrown out of court disputing the election. We all know she got robbed of the governorship of Arizona, but she can’t be heard. Why? Because she is Republican. Republicans can’t get a fair shake in the current Democrat-controlled government. And juries are the worst. Since when do jurists get to rule down political lines rather than by the evidence? Since Biden became president. How many of them get bought off by this corrupt administration?

Anyone that still supports Biden needs their heads examined or at least a new pair of glasses. He is clearly the most compromised, corrupt, incompetent, and ill president in U.S. History. And those who still support him can’t be much better as birds of a feather, flock together.

Our border crisis is completely out of control by design. Biden wants the chaos at the border to blame it on Trump. But anyone with a brain knows that Trump had the border and the wall under control, but Biden reversed all his policies. Biden wants to dilute our country with people of color from other third world countries to eventually get them citizenship to vote Democrat. That is his legacy apparently along with helping transgenders change their sex and be noticed. The younger the better according to Biden.

This is a screwed-up country we have right now. Other countries must be making fun of us. Notice when we get together with our liberal friends or family, they don’t even address what is going on. They are either ashamed or stupid or both. But there are some that will defend Biden and his policies to the bitter end. Avoid them like the plague.

So while the GOP are all treading water and not getting anywhere, the left is drowning us in liberal lies, scams, lawsuits, and policies intended to ruin the country. We are living in a Banana Republic right now, and I don’t mean the tropical shirt store.


4 thoughts on “Is the GOP Just Treading Water?

  1. Precisely why you don’t hear a lot from me lately. It’s overwhelming to say the least. If I can see some sort of little crack with light beyond, I’m ready to fight, but to me I am watching the darkness increasing almost daily, and nobody seems to be able to stop it. We are literally losing on every front. I think the most frustrating thing, is knowing having free and fair elections, is probably never going to happen again. That is the single most frightening reality. I debate with myself daily about whether I want to keep writing about politics or change gears and write about more pleasant topics. I hate to quit the battle, but when you feel you’re literally wasting your time ( of which, I don’t have a lot of that left ) I think maybe it’s time to start writing about happier things. I’m still mulling it over. It’s even harder now that Tucker is no longer on in the evening to keep me encouraged.

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  2. I know how you feel. So I just write less often. We can’t win it seems; but I don’t think The Man Upstairs will allow this to go on much longer. Something has to give. Fingers crossed.


  3. It’s terrifying how many of the hard-left weirdies there are… or is it just that it’s the militant ones who get all the publicity (and the political stuff done)? Good quote from the blurb for The Rise of the New Puritans by Noah Rothman:

    The Left used to be the party of the hippies and the free spirits. Now it’s home to woke scolds and humorless ideologues.

    Not since the Puritans has a political movement wanted so much power over your thoughts, hobbies, and preferences every minute of your day. In the process, they are sucking the joy out of life.

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