Why are Corporations Forcing Transgenders on us?

Now that big corporations are caving to the transgender movement and failing, we ask ourselves “what were they thinking?” Why are they trying to normalize transgenders by forcing us to see them daily in ads, store displays, and at sporting events. It seems they are hiring liberal college graduates to these corporate positions in charge of marketing but don’t realize that this generation has been brainwashed in college to advance diversity over profits. In the old days, one had to work their way up within the company to get to a responsible position, but now it seems they are placing them right out of college. Little did they know what college has done to them. But they are finding out the hard way. In their pocketbook.

We’ve seen this at Bud Light, FOX News, and now Target. They are kowtowing to Biden’s Agenda because they are college-groomed liberals and must do as their leader wishes. What I know about transgenders has only been from movies like Psycho, Dressed to Kill, and Silence of the Lambs, which made them out to be scary serial killers with a mental disease. Now transgenders are perceived more like Mrs. Doubtfire and Toostie dressing up for fun or for a better job, not a mental disease. But this is no laughing matter.

Some states are allowing children to seek sex changes as young as twelve without parental approval. This is child abuse. I weep for the future of my grandsons just knowing that they live in California. I worry that their hardworking parents won’t even be aware of something so evil as this going on right under their noses. They don’t have time for the news or fake news or even school board meetings. If I told them of this fear, they’d probably think I was being paranoid because they live in a quiet little suburb.

The problem is this depravity is moving to the suburbs, and the schools won’t even let them know of it. This quiet little suburb has already allowed 150 motorhomes to park along the wetlands to house the homeless and the city caters to them with porta-potties, garbage bins, and who knows what else. Probably bird watching binoculars. This is a suburb of San Francisco run by bleeding-heart female council and mayor. Give them an inch, and they take a mile. They also have allowed tents to be erected next door to the library and local shopping center with eating establishments. Next, they will allow transgender story hour in the schools.

The point is little by little our government is trying to normalize transgenders, but they are not normal. Biden has even placed two of them in his cabinet. They need mental help just like the homeless and drug addicted, evidenced by the one that shot up a Catholic school recently. Maybe we should be building more mental institutions to help these troubled folks rather than wasting money on offshore windmills, EV autos, charging stations, and solar panels. Maybe corporations need to be more careful who they place in charge of marketing. A marketing degree is not enough. They need a thorough background check on their social media accounts to make sure they don’t have an activist agenda. Bud Light must be wishing about now that they had done this as well as FOX News.

Let’s vote all these crazies out of office that are pushing transgenders on us at the next election beginning at the top.


2 thoughts on “Why are Corporations Forcing Transgenders on us?

  1. Great post. I’ve been thinking the same about corporations vetting staff. It’s a tricky one because at the moment, companies *want* to hire these people, so I don’t think vetting would work. Your twitter feed’s full of wokery? GREAT! YOU’RE HIRED! At the very least, senior leaders in business need to stop pandering to every minority cause. They need to say we believe we are fair and ‘diverse’ but we will not be bullied into doing everything every group wants. Period.

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  2. Correct. They think pandering will make them popular among young people, but their customers are mostly moms, dads, and grandparents who want to shelter their kids from this nonsense. They don’t know their audience. But they’re finding out.


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