Progressives Are Really Regressives.


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They want to bring us back to colonial days with wagon trains, stagecoaches, horse and buggies, washboards, clotheslines, bows and arrows, corn fields, cotton fields, and lanterns.

Goodbye to the internet, electricity, air conditioning, cars, wash machines and dryers. Goodbye to guns, supermarkets, and trains.  No more airlines, buses, or space travel.  We’ll be staying home, changing the horseshoes on our horses, going to the nearest blacksmith, rolling dough for bread, churning butter, milking cows, plowing the fields, and homeschooling.  It would be very similar to Little House on the Prairie as that is what the Green New World will eventually do to our country–put us off the grid. There will be no grid. The country will be bankrupt, so we’ll inevitably have to start over.

One doctor per town, who makes home visits with his medical valise. One country store that carries everything from flour to rice to nails to rope.  Fresh vegetables, eggs, and fruit locally produced. No more wineries that waste water.  No more breweries. No more factories.  Just the local saloon with barmaids and heavy drinkers.  No more casinos, just a card game in the saloon with a round of pool.  No more banks as there will be no money for anything really.  Everything will be traded or bartered or stolen.  One sheriff per town if we’re lucky. Maybe an Andy of Mayberry type.

No more flat screens, cell phones, or satellites. We’ll be reading books about the good ol’ days or playing checkers by the fireside.

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I don’t think my grandson will like the transition as he’s already looking at videos on Youtube.  But he’ll have to adjust because this will be the Green New World with green trees, clear skies and water, lots of fields for hiking and fishing.  No shopping malls more like what we saw in the Time Machine when Rod Stewart went forward in time. No football games or basketball. No global trade as the other countries have regressed too from America “going out of business.”  No shipping or trucking industries or cruise ships.  Just rowboats or sailing vessels. Remember gasoline is out in the Green New World.


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What’s to shop for now and how would it get here?  Without the fossil fuel industry, we’ll have to go back to Snowshoe Thompson delivering the mail seventy miles over the Sierras on snowshoes and the original cross country skis. No more Amazon delivery or even pizza delivery.  No Ubers, Doordash, or Grubhub.  No Starbucks or In and Out. Not even taxis. Just cooking at home on the woodstove or starve. Definitely no Facebook or Google. No sex changes, boob jobs, plastic surgery, or extensions in your hair. Just au naturale. What you’re born with, is what you get.

I hope the new generation enjoys it.  I hope they’ll be happy.  This is what they’re asking for whether they know it or not. Careful what you wish for Progressives, millennials, liberals, and Gen Z’s. You just may get it, if a Socialist becomes president. 😉

Here’s your future home.

brown and grey wooden house beside green leaf tall tree
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