TRUMP: Most Vilified yet Vital President in U.S. Election History.


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We need him now more than ever.  Washington D.C. has gone bonkers. What they’re trying to do to a duly elected president behind closed doors is unprecedented and unAmerican. It has to stop!  Is Trump sometimes brash, frank, and makes off-the-cuff remarks? Sure.  Is he sometimes thin-skinned? Yep. Does he have enemies on both sides of the aisle? Duh. Does he tweet too much? Absolutely. Has he ever changed his mind? Reluctantly.  But is this reason to impeach him?  Absolutely not!  But what’s our alternative to Trump?  Think about it.  A fake Native American that wants to bankrupt the country with pie-in-the-sky ideas with no way to pay for them? A crazy Socialist who wants to bankrupt the country with everything FREE and allow murderers and terrorists to vote? A corrupt “hasbeen” whose name’s for sale who’s suffering from dementia? NO way! And for the life of me I can’t tell one from the other. 😉

Trump is still beloved by millions of voters despite what the phony polls reflect.  He did wonders to bring our economy back while under constant investigation by the corrupt Deep State. We need to give Trump another chance. He’s not fake.  He’s transparent and wears his heart on his sleeve. What you see, is what you get, whether you like it or not. He’s not trying to act presidential at rallies–he’s campaigning.  But the rest of the time he’s trying to make good decisions, pass good bills, prevent terror attacks and wars, and keep our country from getting sucked in by the Socialist Movement and the Green New World.  That’s a good thing.

Whether you love him or not, he’s what we need for America. Like he said, his policies need to take root and grow before another Democrat gets into office. He wants to finish healthcare and immigration reform, building the wall, and making trade deals. He wants to clean up the homeless camps in Democrat-run cities, finish talks with North Korea, abolish sanctuary cities, and prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He wants to strategically remove our troops out of the Middle East, and help Israel and Palestine come to a peaceful resolve.  He wants to get USMCA signed by Congress and many more items.

You may not like his personality, but you can’t ignore his accomplishments.  What we really need right now is a little kindness.  Kindness begets kindness.  If the media and the Democrats would begin to report the honest truth on Trump, he would do a quick 180. But he’s always on the defensive and gets his back up like anyone would with fake news. It must be tiring for him, not to mention a waste of his important time. The media buries reports of the good that Trump has done like “Right to Try” or “Veteran’s Choice.”  If it’s good news, they either bury it or put a spin on it to make it sound bad like Doral G7, which he shouldn’t have caved on just to appease his critics.  

The Golden Rule of “do unto others” would be a good practice for some Republicans to use right now.  Romney (Pierre Delecto), Bush, Kasich and the NeverTrumpers wouldn’t want to be treated like Trump is being treated.  So why don’t they speak out and come to Trump’s defense?  They’re breaking the Golden Rule, and yet they’re very religious.  Go figure.  They’re either jealous, cowardice, or something more nefarious–wishing they can replace him if he gets impeached. That’s called devious at worst or wishful thinking at best but neither is very religious.  

I replayed an old debate where “Mr. I’ve-Done-It-Before Kasich” promised to support whoever won the primary, even if it was Trump.  That makes him on record for breaking a promise yet he calls Trump a liar.  Amazing!  Cruz and Rubio are stand up guys who honored their promise. Kasich is a turncoat Republican along with Romney. 

It’s appalling how politicians that were voted into office like Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler et al are behaving.  Hollywood should be ashamed for the way they’re acting too, especially Fonda, De Niro, and Streisand.  We know they’re getting old and want to stay relevant, but inciting violence or getting arrested isn’t staying relevant. It actually loses some of their fans.  Bye bye Barbarella, Travis, and Yentl. “You talkin’ to me?” Yeah.

Trump may be the most vilified President but is more vital now than ever before! So whether you hate him or love him, we still need him.  Let him finish his job. Like his signature song at his rallies says,  “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes…you may find…you’ll get what you need!”

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VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2020.  The Best is Yet to Come!




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