Who’s Sick of the Word ‘Whistleblower?’


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I, for one, am.  I can hardly turn on the news without hearing it in the first few minutes. The Dems are acting crazy. Can we all just agree that this scoundrel is not a “whistleblower” in the true sense?  He’s a rogue CIA plant by Brennan, Schiff, Biden, and the rest of the swamp. Schiff is the lowest of lowest human beings. He and Pelosi have been planning this attack on Trump since the Mueller Report bombed. It’s Plan D or E and “whistleblower” has replaced the word “Mueller.”

I can’t believe Graham or McCarthy can’t have this clown Schiff removed from the House, if not arrested. He has broken so many standard rules of operation it is almost as though we are living in a third world country with a kangaroo court system. The ruling class is making the rules up as they go and ignoring the minority. Whenever the Republicans request to have a witness, they turn it down.  They won’t even allow Republicans in the room. This can’t be happening in America, and there’s no way the Republicans would ever be able to get away with this nor would they want to.

Everyone has the right to due process.  Everyone has the right to confront his accuser. But when Trump is the defendant all rules are thrown out the window. Trump is not allowed any of the legal defenses that an average criminal is allowed. It is disgraceful! If the people have been following this sham, it will be sure to backfire in the Dems faces. If they haven’t been following it, we’re in trouble as all they hear in the fake news media is anti-Trump narrative like, “Trump is not allowing witnesses to come forward.  Trump is claiming executive privilege.  Trump is ignoring subpoenas. He is obstructing justice.  What does he have to hide?” It’s even being reported on the radio news like this. These comments will be heard throughout Democrat gossip circles and will spread down to the gullibles. Schiff selectively leaks any negative comment taken out of context from their private non-transparent hearing. It’s an orchestrated sham on America.

Let’s hope the Republicans can keep Jim Jordan on the Impeachment Panel as he’ll be the only voice of reason in a bowl of mixed nuts.  They are all craaazzzy as Trump claims.  And he’s not wrong. The sooner we put this sham of a hearing to bed, the sooner we get to the business of our country.  On The View this week the way those women treated Donald Trump Jr.was crazy.  They systematically, with written comments, tried to embarrass him but he held his own by saying Joy was in black face once and bragged about it. They all went crazy after he said that. I’m ashamed of the only conservative in the group, Meghan McCain.

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Let’s not forget that the only reason this is going on is because the Democrats lost in 2016, and they’re poor losers, especially Hillary.  Hillary is making all the late night talk shows and looking foolish.  She’s not funny and just because she kackles at her own jokes does not make them funny.  And her daughter is even more of a dud.  All their jokes fall flat. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Both boring, untalented women.

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Yesterday’s football game between Louisiana and Alabama gave a glimmer of light that there’s hope that the country isn’t buying this impeachment sham.  Trump received a thunderous applause like he was at one of his rallies.  The liberal announcers tried their best to downplay the fact that Trump was in the stands, but the crowd knew he was there and it definitely filled the stadium and tailgate parties early.  A rock star was in the house.

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The word whistleblower has lost its legal meaning.  This political hack was out to frame Trump from 2017; he’s not a WB.  The requirements for a WB used to be firsthand knowledge and it can’t be hearsay or used on a president.  But someone changed the rules (Schiff) prior to the WB coming out with his report written by his political hack lawyer. Therefore, this is all a sham to take the public’s eye off of the real scandal in 2016.  In legal terms fruit (the WB report) obtained from a poisonous tree (Schiff) is inadmissible in court and should be inadmissible in this sham of a hearing next week.

Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source, the “tree,”(Schiff) of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted then anything gained, the “fruit,” (WB report) from it is tainted as well. Wikipedia.

Bottomline:  WB obtained his report through hearsay and coordinated with Schiff to sound as though it was from an honest, nonpartisan employee of the government that was just doing his civic duty to report it.  Balderdash! We ain’t buying what they’re selling.


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