Wallace is Dragging Down FOX News.

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He’s dead weight right now. FOX News ratings are dropping faster than Harvey Weinstein’s trousers at a casting call and they better do something fast or they’ll be last in the ratings soon. Wallace is dragging them down.

He had levelheaded Rand Paul on his show for an interview and tried to convince him that Trump incited the violence at the Capitol that the FBI said was planned weeks ahead. He played one line from Trump’s speech, “We need to fight and fight like hell.” That was all Wallace needed to hear to be convinced that Trump incited the break in at the Capitol building.

Little does Wallace know that the word fight is used by lawyers, doctors, and just about every political campaign speech I’ve ever heard. Fight cancer, fight for freedom, fight for you, and fight for Trump is a standard refrain we’ve all heard. It doesn’t mean literally fighting, but Wallace isn’t smart enough to know that. Or he must think his viewing audience is stupid. Actual threats of bodily harm have been used by Schumer, Maxine, Holder, Obama, Kammie, AOC, Booker, and, yes, Biden himself who wants to beat the hell out of Trump behind the gym. It’s not insurrection but they should all be investigated. When Nancy was once asked what she thought of the tearing down statues and looting by BLM, she answered, “People will do, what people do.” Destruction of property didn’t seem to bother her then.

FOX keeps Wallace on but instead they pull Lou Dobbs Show. Lou Dobbs? Everyone loves Lou Dobbs. Who the hell is running FOX? These liberal Murdock wives need to join a sewing circle or reading club and let their husbands do their jobs. They know nothing about politics or running a news network. FOX was leading in the ratings until election night when they called the Arizona race early for Biden but held back some of Trump’s states. Trump really won Arizona if the courts had taken the case. The election analysts were NeverTrumpers and apparently some of their anchors on that night were too.


Tomorrow is the start of the Sham Impeachment. A second bite of the apple. First one didn’t stick. This one is just a smokescreen to get the public’s eye off of the stolen election just like the breach at the Capitol was. The breach was a setup on Trump. Nancy organized it as she knew the election was stolen and didn’t want to hear the arguments. It’s also to take the eye off of the extravagant spending bill the Democrats are trying to force onto us.


I’m not a big football fan but usually watch the Super Bowl. The halftime show was weird. Who were those goofy bandaged red-jacket dancers? What was that all about? Did I miss something? Were they a takeoff from a movie I missed? They looked as though they had come from a plastic surgeon. Wasn’t sexy at all. I miss when they used to have a live band or a wardrobe malfunction at least. PC has even ruined halftime entertainment. The left is removing genders from entertainment too. The ads were too confusing. Celebrities appearing but not really noticeable. I think advertising has gone downhill. Ads just don’t make sense or the ad agencies’ sense of humor is missing. I did like the scissor hand commercial. That was clever.

Most ads that appeared had a person of color or was dominated by persons of color as though Whites are the minority now. That’s just how it appeared to me. Maybe I missed some of them. I know ad agencies have to be politically correct and probably have a bunch of pajama boys working there, but they’re going overboard, IMO.

Something funny is going on. Are they trying to make Whites look like the minority like they’re trying to erase Trump from the history books? Or as Biden is trying to take away all Trump’s rights as a former president? First removing Trump from receiving intelligence briefings citing that he is irrational and radical and may say something. What’s next cancelling his secret service protection? The Democrats want total control of what the public hears. They are acting like a dictatorship.

Congrats to Tom Brady and the Tampa team.


Impeachment is just a Deflection from the Election.

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This sham of another impeachment is nothing more than a way for the Democrats to get the narrative off of the stolen election. All the networks are talking about the impeachment, almost as though the stolen election has already been resolved. The Dems have all their surrogates on tv demanding that Republicans denounce any mention that the election was stolen. Why? Why do we have to dismiss the evidence without one court looking at the evidence?

We will not be silenced. Not by the Democrats, the courts, the media, the social media, nor our friends. The election was stolen from Trump no matter what lies they tell us! PERIOD. FULL STOP.

They have been trying to use Trump’s “spreading lies about the election” as the reason the crowd swarmed the Capitol. This is a big stretch because most of Trump supporters are informed people that already knew the facts. They watched the hearings live on tv, heard from witnesses live on tv, saw videos of fraud in action on tv which were overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, yet all the courts dismissed it. Why do they think they showed up in D.C., for their health? No, to show support for President Trump.

It is frustrating in the least and infuriating at the most. What can we do aside from continue to voice our disapproval of the government? We can’t protest as they turn a peaceful protest into a riot when they send in their drones. We can’t write our congressmen as they get slammed by the likes of George Stephanopoulos on CNN for even considering voter fraud. Apparently, we have to remove the term “voter fraud” from our vocabulary. The media’s reaction is so defensive it almost screams a coverup. For George to ask Senator Rand Paul to admit there was no voter fraud, was pushy and clearly planned by the Democrats.

They planned the Capitol Breach in another attempt to blame Trump and, therefore, get another bite at the impeachment apple. They are comparing the Capitol Breach to 9-11 which is despicable as we lost 3,000 innocent employees and two beautiful landmarks in that attack from Bin Laden. Last I looked, the Capitol is still intact but lost a few windows. They want Americans to compare Trump to Bin Laden. It is shameful and ungrateful how they are treating our successful president.

The Democrats are so corrupt right now; if you look up corruption in the dictionary, Biden and Pelosi’s picture will be there. Impeachment is nothing more than a sham to tarnish Trump and take the narrative away from the stolen election at the same time. It is a two for one. Remember whatever they accuse Trump of, they have already done or are doing. They are acting like Communist China right now by suppressing free speech and condemning someone with false charges. A real life dictatorship in the making, but will try to put that label onto Trump.

It is clear from watching Biden at his desk the last few days, he acts like the kid in school who stole the answers and is cheating on a test. He just looks like it. Sorry. I half expect him to be looking for answers written on the palm of his hand when he gets asked a question from the press. He is a shady character. Nothing like the media is portraying him as: first religious president, healing arms outstretched, decency and integrity. All comments meant to make us hurl. There’s a reason his name is a compressed Bin Laden into Biden. Just like why Fauci has F-U-C in his name. Not a coincidence. Has anyone noticed how Kammie looks standing next to Biden? She reminds me of a Muslim terrorist all dressed in black with her face covered waiting to attack. The only thing missing is a machine gun peeking out below her long jacket. She needs to soften her look. Didn’t she see the movie Tootsie? You don’t need to look masculine to hold a traditional male position.

Biden is doing everything we thought he’d do, despite the lies he told in his debates and few public answers given. We knew what we were getting with Biden: a guy who plagiarizes lines from other’s speeches, lies about his past, flip flops on every issue, and is on the take from many countries. We shouldn’t be surprised one bit. America got the president they deserved. He will sell America out to the highest bidder. We allowed corruption to infiltrate everything, even our election process, and now we are reaping the results.

Is This Sham Trial Over Yet?


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Three days of leading, repetitive questions from the Democrat Senators.  How many times are they going to ask the same old thing in different wording?  If I see that crooked, slimy Schiff worm his way up the the mic one more time, I may throw something at my tv.  This whole trial was a set up from the get go.  It was Mueller Report 2.0.  They’ve been spying, lying, and crying about Trump from the day he announced he was running for president. It has been a concerted effort by the former administration, the FBI, CIA, and FISA courts to take him out of the running and get him out of office if he won.

But now that we’re getting closer to the second term of a successful president, they’re desperate and running out of Plan B’s.  What will be next when this sham explodes in their faces?  What’s the next plan: stuffing the ballot boxes, tampering with election computers, getting illegals and dead people to vote (oh, they already did that before)?  They’ll stop at nothing because they’re in too deep.  They’re all looking at some jail time soon.

Dershowitz had it right during his testimony in the trial but the media came at him like school of piranhas in a feeding frenzy, nipping and tearing his flesh apart. Image that… and he’s a Democrat too.  Dershowitz made it clear and simple but the dumb Dems couldn’t understand him.  He basically said that if Biden had trotted into the sunset as a hasbeen VP, Trump may have ignored his past corruption.  BUT since Biden was running for the highest office in the land, Trump had an obligation to know more about what went on in Ukraine with his son.  He said it looked horrible. Who wouldn’t want to know about this scandal if Biden was running for president?

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He also said it had nothing to do with Trump’s reelection as he’d probably want the same if he was in his second term.  It is a president’s obligation to investigate any candidate with rumors of corruption as they’re seeking the highest job in the land.  Nothing to do with getting the dirt on an opponent to cheat in the 2020 election as the Dems keep repeating. Remember, it was okay for Obama to spy on candidate Trump as an opponent to Hillary.  Amazing how soon they forget.

Notice how not one of them will acknowledge Biden’s obvious “influence selling” by having his son on the board of a known corrupt company.  It’s staring them right in their faces, but they refuse to look at it.   Rather, they continue to say it is a bogus conspiracy theory invented by Trump and FOX News that has been debunked by everyone.  We’d like to know who debunked it, aside from fake mainstream media.

Now this so-called whistleblower who started this whole fiasco is still allowed to be anonymous.  How is that?  Trump has the right to meet his accuser.  I hear this WB is an  Obama administration holdover (swamp dweller) and has been planning an attack on Trump from day one.  He waited until the Mueller Report was a bust then came out the day afterwards.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Planned?  Yes.  Orchestrated with Schiff? Yes.  All this needs to come out in the light but Justice Roberts quashed any questions relating to this. Why?

I hope this sham of a trial ends today and Trump is acquitted.  The left will say they weren’t allowed to have witnesses in this trial but that is a lie.  They had seventeen.  The left will claim the trial was a sham.  Yes. We agree; it was from the get go.  The left will claim that Trump is involved in a cover up together with the Senators.  They are projecting their cover up of the Bidens onto Trump.  This is what the left does. Project.  Anything they’re doing or about to do, they accuse Trump of.  But we’re onto them by now.  Aren’t we?

If not, we are all doomed.

Just Shut Up and Pray.


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We don’t need to be in church to pray. But we do need to pray. Trump needs our help now more than ever. Let’s prove the power of prayer. Pray that our country can survive what the left is trying to pull off on America. Pray that the IG, Durham, and Barr Reports will find the courage to finally issue some indictments of the left.  Pray that the House will not vote for impeachment so that Trump’s legacy won’t be tarnished. (Impeachment sham is for no reason other than political payback for winning the election.) Pray that the media will start reporting the truth rather than fake news. (I won’t hold my breath.) Pray that the left will stop blaming everything that happens bad onto Trump.  Pray that our country can heal and come together again as one after all the left has put the country through. Pray that all the negative, lying press won’t ruin Trump’s chances in 2020.  (If he runs against Biden, however, all they have to do is show his blond hairy leg video. Ick!  Or as the Norwegians say, “Uff Da.”)

I suspect the London Bridge terrorist will be blamed on Trump.  They blame everything on Trump from hurricanes to school shootings. He is their target and in their crosshairs.

There are rumors that the IG Report will find that the Trump campaign was spied on but that it was not for political reasons.  Give us a break. This sounds very similar to Hillary not having intent when she set up a private server then deleted 33,000 emails when they were subpoenaed.  They must think we’re stupid.  They want us to believe that spying on the Trump campaign by Obama was not political yet when Trump asks for Ukraine to look into the firing of a prosecutor of the son of a former VP that was for political gain? I’m confused.  The Deep State is either influencing, blackmailing, or threatening our investigators it seems. We’re not going to buy that finding.

Of course, not all our prayers will be answered; but if just one of the above does, things will start to turn around for our country.  We can stop hearing celebrities bash our president with outright lies on late night comedy shows.  Trump is not fake nor is he an imposter.  This is what the left is trying to spread now so that “the gullibles” will still think Trump stole the election with the help of Russia.  They’re going back to the same old dried up well as nothing else has stuck. They’re also calling Trump voters part of a cult.  That’s one large cult we joined.  Amazing how they come up with this crap. But they are desperate and not well.

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It will be a full court press of lies and accusations from now on.  We can argue all we want with the libs, but it won’t help.  As Jon Voight says, “These people are not well.”  Best quote of the year. We can shout at our tvs all we want, but it won’t help. We can post snarky, yet truthful, comments online; but it won’t help.  We can send our money to the Trump campaign, but it won’t help. We can volunteer our time, but it won’t help.

These leftists and the Democrat politicians are dug in. As private citizens, aside from voting; nothing we do can really help Trump. So it’s time to pray for Trump. Our country is depending on us. Trump is depending on us. Our future is depending on us.  If a Democrat wins, we’ll be doomed for years to come with more and more of their corruption, coverups, and lies.  So we need to just shut up and PRAY! Let’s prove the power of prayer and help Trump win.



Who’s Sick of the Word ‘Whistleblower?’


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I, for one, am.  I can hardly turn on the news without hearing it in the first few minutes. The Dems are acting crazy. Can we all just agree that this scoundrel is not a “whistleblower” in the true sense?  He’s a rogue CIA plant by Brennan, Schiff, Biden, and the rest of the swamp. Schiff is the lowest of lowest human beings. He and Pelosi have been planning this attack on Trump since the Mueller Report bombed. It’s Plan D or E and “whistleblower” has replaced the word “Mueller.”

I can’t believe Graham or McCarthy can’t have this clown Schiff removed from the House, if not arrested. He has broken so many standard rules of operation it is almost as though we are living in a third world country with a kangaroo court system. The ruling class is making the rules up as they go and ignoring the minority. Whenever the Republicans request to have a witness, they turn it down.  They won’t even allow Republicans in the room. This can’t be happening in America, and there’s no way the Republicans would ever be able to get away with this nor would they want to.

Everyone has the right to due process.  Everyone has the right to confront his accuser. But when Trump is the defendant all rules are thrown out the window. Trump is not allowed any of the legal defenses that an average criminal is allowed. It is disgraceful! If the people have been following this sham, it will be sure to backfire in the Dems faces. If they haven’t been following it, we’re in trouble as all they hear in the fake news media is anti-Trump narrative like, “Trump is not allowing witnesses to come forward.  Trump is claiming executive privilege.  Trump is ignoring subpoenas. He is obstructing justice.  What does he have to hide?” It’s even being reported on the radio news like this. These comments will be heard throughout Democrat gossip circles and will spread down to the gullibles. Schiff selectively leaks any negative comment taken out of context from their private non-transparent hearing. It’s an orchestrated sham on America.

Let’s hope the Republicans can keep Jim Jordan on the Impeachment Panel as he’ll be the only voice of reason in a bowl of mixed nuts.  They are all craaazzzy as Trump claims.  And he’s not wrong. The sooner we put this sham of a hearing to bed, the sooner we get to the business of our country.  On The View this week the way those women treated Donald Trump Jr.was crazy.  They systematically, with written comments, tried to embarrass him but he held his own by saying Joy was in black face once and bragged about it. They all went crazy after he said that. I’m ashamed of the only conservative in the group, Meghan McCain.

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Let’s not forget that the only reason this is going on is because the Democrats lost in 2016, and they’re poor losers, especially Hillary.  Hillary is making all the late night talk shows and looking foolish.  She’s not funny and just because she kackles at her own jokes does not make them funny.  And her daughter is even more of a dud.  All their jokes fall flat. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Both boring, untalented women.

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Yesterday’s football game between Louisiana and Alabama gave a glimmer of light that there’s hope that the country isn’t buying this impeachment sham.  Trump received a thunderous applause like he was at one of his rallies.  The liberal announcers tried their best to downplay the fact that Trump was in the stands, but the crowd knew he was there and it definitely filled the stadium and tailgate parties early.  A rock star was in the house.

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The word whistleblower has lost its legal meaning.  This political hack was out to frame Trump from 2017; he’s not a WB.  The requirements for a WB used to be firsthand knowledge and it can’t be hearsay or used on a president.  But someone changed the rules (Schiff) prior to the WB coming out with his report written by his political hack lawyer. Therefore, this is all a sham to take the public’s eye off of the real scandal in 2016.  In legal terms fruit (the WB report) obtained from a poisonous tree (Schiff) is inadmissible in court and should be inadmissible in this sham of a hearing next week.

Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source, the “tree,”(Schiff) of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted then anything gained, the “fruit,” (WB report) from it is tainted as well. Wikipedia.

Bottomline:  WB obtained his report through hearsay and coordinated with Schiff to sound as though it was from an honest, nonpartisan employee of the government that was just doing his civic duty to report it.  Balderdash! We ain’t buying what they’re selling.