Just Shut Up and Pray.


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We don’t need to be in church to pray. But we do need to pray. Trump needs our help now more than ever. Let’s prove the power of prayer. Pray that our country can survive what the left is trying to pull off on America. Pray that the IG, Durham, and Barr Reports will find the courage to finally issue some indictments of the left.  Pray that the House will not vote for impeachment so that Trump’s legacy won’t be tarnished. (Impeachment sham is for no reason other than political payback for winning the election.) Pray that the media will start reporting the truth rather than fake news. (I won’t hold my breath.) Pray that the left will stop blaming everything that happens bad onto Trump.  Pray that our country can heal and come together again as one after all the left has put the country through. Pray that all the negative, lying press won’t ruin Trump’s chances in 2020.  (If he runs against Biden, however, all they have to do is show his blond hairy leg video. Ick!  Or as the Norwegians say, “Uff Da.”)

I suspect the London Bridge terrorist will be blamed on Trump.  They blame everything on Trump from hurricanes to school shootings. He is their target and in their crosshairs.

There are rumors that the IG Report will find that the Trump campaign was spied on but that it was not for political reasons.  Give us a break. This sounds very similar to Hillary not having intent when she set up a private server then deleted 33,000 emails when they were subpoenaed.  They must think we’re stupid.  They want us to believe that spying on the Trump campaign by Obama was not political yet when Trump asks for Ukraine to look into the firing of a prosecutor of the son of a former VP that was for political gain? I’m confused.  The Deep State is either influencing, blackmailing, or threatening our investigators it seems. We’re not going to buy that finding.

Of course, not all our prayers will be answered; but if just one of the above does, things will start to turn around for our country.  We can stop hearing celebrities bash our president with outright lies on late night comedy shows.  Trump is not fake nor is he an imposter.  This is what the left is trying to spread now so that “the gullibles” will still think Trump stole the election with the help of Russia.  They’re going back to the same old dried up well as nothing else has stuck. They’re also calling Trump voters part of a cult.  That’s one large cult we joined.  Amazing how they come up with this crap. But they are desperate and not well.

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It will be a full court press of lies and accusations from now on.  We can argue all we want with the libs, but it won’t help.  As Jon Voight says, “These people are not well.”  Best quote of the year. We can shout at our tvs all we want, but it won’t help. We can post snarky, yet truthful, comments online; but it won’t help.  We can send our money to the Trump campaign, but it won’t help. We can volunteer our time, but it won’t help.

These leftists and the Democrat politicians are dug in. As private citizens, aside from voting; nothing we do can really help Trump. So it’s time to pray for Trump. Our country is depending on us. Trump is depending on us. Our future is depending on us.  If a Democrat wins, we’ll be doomed for years to come with more and more of their corruption, coverups, and lies.  So we need to just shut up and PRAY! Let’s prove the power of prayer and help Trump win.




2 thoughts on “Just Shut Up and Pray.

  1. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think that AG Barr has been looking over the shoulder of the IG Horriwitz and amending his comments. If you listened to Bill Barr’s presser a couple of weeks ago, he made it quite clear that he has a clear understanding of what took place and who all of the important players were. In the past, the IG’s comments have been pretty watered down, I think it may sound a little different now that Barr is involved. Also Barr is preparing everyone for what is coming down the pike with Durham. The information being leaked out, has the rats scurrying about trying to cover their asses before this all comes down. Lisa Page’s comments have been laughable. Love your posts, keep them coming. I am temporarily sidelined getting art work done for the charity auction at our Elks Lodge. I’ll be back!!


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