Hollywood Criticizes Trump’s Decision as “Distraction From Impeachment”…


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while they remained silent during the Obama Administration for the Benghazi “stand down” blunder, the “stand down” Navy hostages fiasco, pallets of cash bribe to Iran, and the Syrian redline broken promise.  Amazing.  Obama was the “Appeaser and Chief.”  He bought off our enemies to buy himself time while in office.  The Iran Nuclear Deal was nothing more than a “kick the can down the road” to the next president to deal with.  It was a bad deal that Trump got us out of.  Trump does not want war especially with countries that possess nuclear weapons.

Trump is now between a rock and a hard place.  He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  No matter what he does from now on the left will consider it a “distraction from his impeachment.”  He cannot govern without it being called a distraction from his impeachment.  If Trump had ignored a chance to take out a known terror leader Soleimani that led the attack on our embassy in Baghdad and was planning something bigger, Hollywood would undoubtedly call him a coward.  He can’t win for losing.  But since he did something about it, they call him lighting a fuse to war with Iran as a distraction from his impeachment.  He can’t win with these children. And they are children.  They have never grown up.  Hollywood has stunted their minds and their growth. Case in point: Lori Loughlin.  She didn’t realize that $500,000 to get her daughters into the college of HER choice was a bribe.  Clueless Hollywood actors.

The Democrats in office are behaving similarly with outrageous comments like Trump should have gotten congress’s approval before taking out Soleimani.  By the time congress would be able to approve anything like that, it would be leaked to the press by Nancy or Schiff who can’t be trusted.  Then the terror leader would be tipped off.  Some fake newspersons are calling this “Trump’s Benghazi” when it is exactly the opposite of Benghazi.  No Americans were killed, and Trump sent in troops to defend them.  Total opposite, not even a close comparison. The only comparison was that it was a terror attack on a U.S. Embassy (which Obama refused to admit).  Trump doesn’t shy away from the truth like Obama and Hillary did with their lies about a video causing protesters to attack Benghazi.  In fact, if anything, this is just exposing how incompetent the Democrats in power were at the time.  Cowards and liars.

The Democrats should be rallying around Trump’s decision rather than ridiculing it, for the sake of our country.  When we stand together, we appear stronger in the eyes of our enemies, but the Democrats don’t care.  They want their power back at all costs, even at the cost of going to war to hurt Trump.  Trump does not want to go to war.  He’s against “endless wars.”  He ran on getting out of “endless wars.”  Why would he want to start a new one?  He wouldn’t.  He’s for America First and that means protecting America first not getting involved in other countries’ issues.

Iran is a known terrorist hotbed country and has been ramping up their provocative acts against America as they see an opening with Trump being maligned by the press and the Democrats.  They figure they can do anything now that Trump is impeached.  But Trump showed them he’s not going to turn a blind eye like Obama did. Of course, the likes of lying Susan Rice, goofy Warren, and lying Biden have condemned Trump’s decision which was encouraged by the Intelligence Committee which they are always ballyhooing about.  These people are not well.  I guess when Trump agrees with the Intelligence Committee, then the committee is wrong.  They are only right when Trump doesn’t agree with them.  They can’t have it both ways, but they’re certainly trying.  The American people are on to the Democrats by now.  If they aren’t, they must have their heads in the sand.

Biden has always said that he was against taking out Bin Laden but now that Trump took out a Soleimani, Biden flip flops to saying he was FOR taking out Bin Laden.  John Kerry move over.  There is a bigger flip flopper than you. He was “against taking out Bin Laden before he was FOR it.” Next Biden will say he was for going into war with Iraq before he was against it.  

Trump’s strategy for 2020 is “Just Let Biden Talk.” That’s all Trump needs to do. Distraction or no distraction from impeachment, no matter what Trump does, the left will be against it.  This is just one of many cries of disapproval of Trump with many more to come. Trump, be careful.  The left won’t stop.

Can’t wait to hear what the nuts on the Golden Globe Awards say tonight.  It will probably be more political than ever.  America should boycott the show.  Haven’t seen any of their crappy movies anyway.  Movies aren’t what they used to be.  They all have to have a hidden agenda, or they won’t be acknowledged. Some gay, transgender, metoo, women’s empowerment, anti-war, anti-Trump, Black lives matter, or handicap boxes will have to be checked before a movie wins an award these days.  And they are all politically correct. Whatever happened to the likes of Splendor in the Grass Broadcast News, Dirty Harry, and Uncle Buck? NO boxes checked, just good movies. The liberal left has ruined movies, education, and politics for the rest of us.


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