The Fictional Seven Dwarfs Are Running for the Democrat Primary…


Image result for images of the seven dwarfs and their names

but some of their names have changed and no offense to “little people.”  There’s Uppity Pete, Calamity-Climate Steyer, Dopey Warren, Creepy Joe, Professor Bloomberg, Grumpy Sanders, and Techy Yang. I left out Klobuchar as she has no distinct character. She’s not Bashful, Sleepy, or Sneezy.  Notice none of them got the name Happy as they’re all basically angry.  Angry is the general attitude of all the candidates especially Kamala Harris who dropped out already.

They’ll all criticize Trump’s decision to target Soleimani, as expected.  If Obama had done the same, he would be revered.  Instead they’re calling a known terror leader “revered.”  Go figure.  Trump took the harder, less-traveled road when making this call; but it will result in America being treated with more respect from our enemies.  “Don’t mess with the U.S.” will be our motto.  If the left loved Nancy saying “Don’t mess with me,” then they should love this.  America doesn’t want enemies; but when there are bullies that behave provocatively like he did in Baghdad, we have to stand up to them otherwise it gets worse and massive lives will be lost.  It’s the common sense approach which Trump ran on.

Soleimani will probably be replaced by another ruthless killer like Bin Laden was, but that’s the nature of the game–one down, many more to replace him.  Iran can’t be too surprised.  When a terrorist has wreaked havoc on many countries for years, he will eventually meet his demise.  He was a dead man walking. We outsmarted him.

We had chances to take him out before but were told to stand down from the “Appeaser and Chief.” That’s what an Appeaser does.  We also had chances to take out Bin Laden under President Clinton, but he failed to do it and look what happened on 9-11.  We don’t know how many 9-11s Trump has thwarted by this move as behind every terror attack there is a rogue leader like Soleimani.

Let’s pray that Iran has the sense not to retaliate on America for the targeting of a bad actor in order to prevent a future war.


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