Ricky Gervais Calls Out Hollywood! “Bushfires” Was the Big Winner.

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The host of the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, was on fire last night. I wasn’t going to watch the awards show as I knew a few of them would get on their anti-Trump soapbox; but after his blistering opening monologue, I was intrigued. He said what we’ve been saying about Hollywood for years and in one paragraph:

“If you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and fuck off,” he added.

Was that true or what?! That could have been one of Trump’s tweets minus the “f” word.  But despite his shaming of these self-aggrandized folks,  pillowy-boobs Patricia Arquette and orange-garbed Michelle Williams were too stupid to understand and asked for a better world and told us to vote.  Don’t worry we will, and we’ll vote for Trump! Thanks for the tip. Arquette claimed we were going to war because of Trump and Williams thinks we are in danger of reversing Roe vs. Wade.  Two clueless, bad-dressed actors.

Gervais was on a roll. He also linked Epstein and Weinstein to “perverts” in the audience. You know who you are.  You have never seen so many sour faces during his monologue.  He mentioned that the license plate on his limo was made by Felicity Huffman while she was in prison.  The audience groaned. It was almost as though they condone what Huffman did.  It was close to watching a Trump rally with Democrats in attendance.

Australian Bushfires was the big winner last night.  Most of them sent thoughts and prayers to the firefighters and the residents of Australia and blamed it on climate change.  Old white men were also big winners last night.  Not sure why Robert De Niro was sitting up front as well as Meryl Streep as neither won an award.  Thank God for saving us from their speeches. Big liberal Tom Hanks gave a speech but must have gotten Gervais’ message and refrained from politics.

Brad Pitt looked very handsome as well as best-dressed, Jennifer Aniston. Maybe they should have stayed together. They make a cute couple. Taylor Swift looked slouchy-bad posture. Worst dressed was Michelle Williams with Charlize Theron coming in a close second.  Her dress looked like it was torn on one side exposing her black bra. Dumb.  Williams looked like she was wearing a prison garb formal or walked off the set of the Time Machine remake.

Poor Ellen won the Carol Burnett Award but her hair, ugh.  It’s too short making her look like an elf.  Let that hair grow over your ears. We get it, you’re a lesbian. But why do you have to try to look like a man?  Isn’t the fact that you’re a lesbian mean you are a champion of women?  So why the bad male impersonation? With all their money can’t they get an honest opinion from anyone? The answer is ‘no’.  They’re surrounded by “yes men.” I must be channeling Joan Rivers, but someone has to. The fake news media won’t.

Joaquin Phoenix won best actor and gave a rather odd acceptance speech. He rambled from plant-based meals, to global warming, to Australia, peppered with the “f” word. De Niro looked visibly annoyed, and he’s the king of the “f” word. Rivers seems like the part as the Joker was right in his wheelhouse.

The movie Cats took a lot of hits from Gervais, one of them being nasty but the audience liked it. Sex IS their wheelhouse.  It’s really what they have knowledge of. Politics, not so much. Regardless of what movies and shows won what (most of which I never heard of), Netflix was a big winner as well as the viewers.  We got to hear Gervais say to Hollywood what we’re all thinking.  Thank you, Ricky. Please come back next year. You were refreshing. If you don’t, viewership will tank for sure. So tired of the butt-kissing monologues from the usual hosts these days.  Eddie Murphy would be welcomed as well.




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