Democrats Side With Enemies While Trump Threads the Needle.

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When we trapped Baghdadi into suicide, the Democrats wrongly claimed it would instigate a war. Hmm, so far–no war.  When Trump met with Kim Jong Un, they claimed it was unprecedented and that it was a trick. Hmm, so far–no trick.  When Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, they wrongly claimed it would escalate into war. No war ensued. When Trump put stiff tariffs on China, they wrongly claimed it would backfire on us. It hasn’t. But when Trump defended our embassy in Baghdad, they claimed Trump showed a weak response.  They can’t have it both ways.  Trump is either tepid or he’s hot in their minds.  I suggest he’s neither.

I suggest that Trump is making the appropriate response to all potential threats and intelligence. He is privy to intelligence that the media is not.  He definitely threads the needle but, nonetheless, is doing the right thing. But for the left to immediately side with our enemies just fans the flames of war.  Iran hears what they’re saying, and it is an open invitation to retaliate. If they do, that’s on them–not Trump.  It’s like the left is supplying the ammunition but telling them not to shoot.

Biden should be ashamed as he has always been on the wrong side of foreign policy.  For him to criticize Trump’s decision is rich. He’s now claiming, as I predicted, that he was against going into war with Iraq.  What a liar!  Warren is a joke.  Could you see her running our country–arms flailing and head bobbing at every threat? Trump has remained calm and collected despite what some on the left are reporting.  He’s not a thug or a tyrant.

When our country comes together and supports our president, we will be a stronger country.  According to Democrat Joe Lieberman:

“President Trump’s order to take out Qasem Soleimani was morally, constitutionally and strategically correct. It deserves more bipartisan support than the begrudging or negative reactions it has received thus far from my fellow Democrats.” WSJ

Well said, Joe.  Maybe you should run for president on the Democrat ticket and replace the other Joe.   It’s your turn.  They don’t have a moderate yet in the running–just a bunch of climate-change hoax loony tunes. It turns out Australia’s fires are mostly due to children out of school unsupervised and campfires gone wild.  Not to do with climate.  Maybe a little rain is in order, but the drought didn’t start the fires. People did.  People aren’t changing the climate; but they’re starting fires.  Just like in Sonoma, PG&E equipment started fires, not climate. But all we heard last night on the awards show was climate change/climate threat/climate emergency.

Weather will always be around and so will changes in the weather, thus why we have weathermen.  But they can’t accurately predict the weather beyond a week’s time. Some years will be hot, some years will be colder, some years will be wet, some years will be a drought. It has been this way my whole life.  I see no big change.  Overpopulation in desirable areas of California is the big difference.  Houses on hillsides, cliffsides, forests, oceansides, lakesides, and riversides will always be at risk.  Buy at your own risk.  “Buyer Beware” is the oldest adage in real estate. If you buy in a high fire risk zone or a flood zone or an earthquake zone or mudslide zone, beware. But if you experience any of the aforementioned, that’s on you–not the government. We need to take personal responsibility like Joaquin Rivers inarticulately tried to say last night.

Our government can’t think for us.  Everything is the government’s fault according to the actors last night on stage as they take no personal responsibility for their choices in life.  They don’t want to raise children in this world if Trump is our top leader. How ’bout raising your children with good values and forget about it takes a village.  It takes good parenting. If we accidentally get pregnant, that’s on us–not the government’s fault. The only thing we have in life is our choices.  Be smart.  Make good ones.




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