“Liberal Prosecutor” is an Oxymoron.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A prosecutor is supposed to be PRO “law and order” not pro “lawlessness and disorder” YET this is what cities across America, especially in San Francisco, are dealing with.  A prosecutor is supposed to prosecute crimes not dismiss them. Yet we have liberal prosecutors, which is a contradiction, doing just that. California is allowing criminals to break into cars and steal contents up to the value of $900 in loss with NO prosecution.  This only encourages theft and vandalism, increases car insurance premiums, and could lead to violence if caught in the act.

Our automobile is our safe place and sanctuary when we leave our home.  We hide our personal belongings and set our alarm when we park our car.  We love our cars.  Break ins are increasing across the city and into the suburbs as the perps know they won’t be prosecuted. They call it “smash and grab.”  It’s also being done to stores.

Why would a prosecutor have no respect for citizen’s cars and their belongings?  Why would these prosecutors have no respect for brick and mortar stores that have enough trouble staying open due to Amazon? Because they are liberal activists hired by liberal District Attorneys. It’s as though we have AOC prosecuting these criminals not lawyers.  California laws need to be reversed immediately or Newsom needs to be repealed. He has done nothing to help California and everything to ruin it.  What is he smoking? And to the voters who approved these laws, you are getting what you deserve.

I heard that George Soros is behind the elections of liberal District Attorneys across America. He’s backing their campaigns.  I also read that SF’s DA is the son of known terrorists. This is not only liberal but radical. This is another effort to ruin our country and turn it into a third world country where anarchy reigns along with civil disobedience.  Anarchy is when no one has any authority over anyone else. There would be no laws, no police, nothing.  Is this the world we want to live in?  Of course not. Yet San Franciscans are dealing with this on a daily basis together with increasing amounts of homeless tents, feces, and needles.  Wake up California before it’s too late!  Newsom needs to go!

Victims have no rights in San Francisco.  I suspect when they dial 911, the police come at their leisure if it’s a break in or vandalism and then take no report.  They’ll give some liberal advice like get a security system for your home, park your car under a light, or call your insurance company and put in a claim.  This is BS.  Do your job and arrest these criminals!

Personally, I think Trump should send the National Guard into SF and clean up the streets.  Nancy Pelosi should be voted out. She has delusions of grandeur by the way she’s handling the Articles. She is obstructing justice. But I regress.  The homeless will just have to be moved to shelters temporarily and appointed guidance counselors. There’s plenty of jobs to go around so they can’t claim it’s the economy. And they have plenty of taxpayer money to feed these souls until they are healthy and back on their feet. Use Zuckerberg’s money. That guy has done more damage to our country with the invention of Facebook than we’ll ever know.  Someday we’ll look back on his “great” idea as one of the worst ideas in American history.  The damage, rumors, false news, havoc, hate, terror, bullying, addictions, suicides, and election interference this social media has caused is irreversible and irreparable.

We need Prosecutors to prosecute not act like liberal Defense Attorneys.  Fire these liberal prosecutors before we get beyond the point of no return to normalcy in our fine cities. No wonder people are fleeing California in droves.

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